12 Best Sites and Companies Like Affirm

In this post, we will discuss the best sites and companies like Affirm. Affirm is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later websites. In this post, we will discuss the best apps and sites like Affirm.

Not everyone is safe from the money crunch, especially not the people who wait the entire month for the money and start to get concerned when the month-end is near.

Affirm is one of the well-known companies in the United States that allows people to go on a shopping spree without being conscious about money. It works like a credit card, but only for online shopping.

Sites like Affirm to Buy Now Pay Later – List

With Affirm, you can shop whatever you want and pay on a specific later date, with no extra charges.

The deal is mouth-watering but what if we tell you that there are many more sites like Affirm, allowing the “Buy Now, Pay Later” option. 

With these apps like Affirm, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about shopping, ever!

1. Sezzle

In comparison to others, Sezzle is relatively new but offers flexibility like no others. With Sezzle, you can buy a lot of products which can range from beauty items to apparel and accessories. It also lets you buy furniture and other high-end products. 

Suppose it’s time that your car desperately needs some makeover and repairing but you’re nowhere near your payday yet, then Sezzle is your solution as it has a tie-up with some car shops. 

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The primary feature of Sezzle is allowing you to get any product or service and pay the total amount in four easy instalments without any additional charges or interest.

You wouldn’t be charged any hidden fees and your credit score remains unaffected, of course, given that you repay on time. 

A Sezzl-ing deal, isn’t it?

2. Klarna

Much like Sezzle, Klarna is another service where you can buy any product and can pay it at a later date. Klarna is one of the sites like Affirm which gives you the option to pay 30 days later or you could also pay in 4 equal instalments which occur every 2 weeks, spreading to the total 6 weeks within which you can complete the payment.

Klarna first does a credit check of your score, which does not impact your CIBIL score at all. It allows you to pay on the basis of the score. Dissimilar to Affirm, Klarna does not have options to pay a year later but you do not have any extra interest being charged, so there’s that. 

There is a “pay over 6 months” option but you will be charged with some interest, so it’s best that you go for the interest-free service. 

3. Venue

Want to hunt for premium and high-end products? Venue is your Venue! Venue has all the premium products and is vastly known for its high-end marketplace. You can buy kitchen items, electronics, fashion products, and whatnot. 

When we talk about Venue being a premium marketplace, we don’t mean just the products it has on the shelf but other factors as well.

The products are affordable and reasonably priced. Speed of delivery offered by them is excellent as well, along with a brilliant customer support staff.

A bit different than sites like Affirm, here, you get the flexible repayment option and also a 90-day “as good as cash” option where you can easily pay later and have the product in your hand within a couple of days. 

4. QuadPay


QuadPay is very much similar to Sezzle and Klarna, as you have good flexibility in getting the products you want or need and paying at a later date.

You can pay the price of a product over 6 weeks with 4 equal payments. There is no need to be charged with any fees or interest and all you need to give is the price asked by the seller. 

Although not all of the purchase requests are approved here and you might be denied sometimes, it still is a great way to buy certain items when you’re facing a money crunch. 

5. Afterpay

No points for guessing what the name means as it literally does what it says. Afterpay has a tie-up with numerous companies, enabling you to get the products easily and pay at a later date. 

With these, you can buy office furniture, kitchen appliances and a lot more items that will help you decorate any place you like. Much like the other ones, you get 6 weeks to pay the price with 4 equal instalments spreading over the period.

There is no interest charged and you basically get the product for the same price and the benefit of paying at convenience. 

6. Bread Payments

Bread Payments is the closest you can get while finding sites like Affirm and if you are looking for a like-to-like replacement, Bread Payments is what you need.

You can borrow money ranging from $100 to $10,000 with the APR varying from $0 to $29.99, similar to Affirm.

There are various features like no prepayment penalty, automatic payments and multiple payment alternatives. The time duration for loans ranges from 6 to 24 months while in the case of Affirm, it is 3 to 36 months.

7. Splitit

Splitit has partnered with many stores, enabling you to easily finance the purchases of electronics, vehicles, jewellery, etc.

As the name suggests, there are 4 instalments, with the 1st instalment payable with the order confirmation and the other 3 being charged once per month. This gives you more time in comparison to Sezzle, Klarna, etc. 

Splitit claims never to charge any late fee when you fail to pay on time. But it does get noticed in your credit card agreement, and you may have to incur charges. So one way or the other, you are getting penalized for it. 

8. Partial.ly

Partial.ly is different from the other apps/sites above as it lets the merchants come up with their own customized plans. There is no centralized fee structure and you would need to come up and settle the terms with merchants yourself.

There is a little risk involved as some merchants might rip the customers off. If you tread carefully, you might have a good deal at your hands. 

9. ViaBill

ViaBill is associated with hundreds of platforms, allowing you to purchase many wide-ranging products.

Once again, there is a similar pattern here of paying in instalments with the first instalment being with the order confirmation and the rest occurring once per month. 

Even if you fail to repay at times, you will not be charged any fees or extra interest. It does not report your account to the US credit agencies. It is a great option while looking for the sites like Affirm.

10. PayPal Credit

If you are already a PayPal user and select PayPal as your preferred payment mode, you can have a look at PayPal credit, as it allows you to pay later. There are varying terms for products under $99 and those over $99.

If you pay the price for the product within 6 months, there is no extra interest charged. If in case, you fail to pay within the time period, a 23.99% interest is charged from the purchase date.

Along with these terms, there is something better here as PayPal takes full responsibility for the products you buy. If products are defective or do not reach you, you will be refunded the amount you have paid thus far.

PayPal Credit is the best option if you are choosing PayPal to pay anywhere. 

11. PerPay

Perpay allows you to shop and pay later, with a spending limit. The spending limit differs from user to user and ranges between $500 to $2500, though it is fairly lesser for new users.

As you repay on time and build a positive repayment history, the limit increases, allowing you to shop more products.

You can repay the amount in 8 instalments. There are also options for weekly or monthly modes without being charged any interest or fees.

You can use PerPay if you have full-time employment, have a minimum annual income of $15,000 along with a 3-month history with the current employer. 

12. FlexWallet

Flexwallet is quite similar to Perpay where you get the maximum spending limit of up to $2500. With FlexWallet, you cannot just buy the products but also put them on lease.

These lease payments are weekly, and you can also get ownership of the products you choose to lease. You can easily shop and lease at numerous locations without much hassle!

More Companies Like Affirm

It does not end here. There are more companies like Affirm. They aim to disrupt traditional lending models and empower individuals to make purchases to manage their finances with greater control and convenience.

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13. Zebit

Zebit offers its customer a credit line of up to $2,500 without any interest. Your credit score will face no impact if you sign up with Zebit. You can buy the products with ZebitLine, which gives you 6 months of timeframe to pay in parts.

14. LaterPay

LaterPay is a micropayment service that allows users to make small digital payments. It aggregates the purchases when the total reaches $5 and sends an invoice to the user. The user then repays it through the card.

15. Billease

With a user-friendly mobile app and a wide network of partner merchants, Billease aims to enhance financial accessibility and provide a seamless shopping experience for individuals across various sectors.

16. FuturePay

FuturePay acts as your savior when you have to make payments but you are currently short on cash. You can put your purchases on MyTAB and pay in flexible monthly payments that start at $20/month.

Final Words on Sites Like Affirm

The next time you are stuck in a situation where you need something but cannot purchase the product due to money issues, choose any of the applications or sites like Affirm mentioned above, as they will surely help you at tough times! 

The credit checks, repayment durations, etc., are simple, and you can use them within a couple of minutes!

In this post, we discussed some great companies and sites like Affirm. We hope that this list was helpful to you in some way.

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