12 Apps and Sites Like OfferUp

Customer-to-customer online marketplaces have become a trend these days. OfferUp is one of the best platforms to offer you the facility to get or sell products to another person or a group of people on your own. We have 12 sites like OfferUp which can prove to be a great alternative for Offerup.

OfferUp is considered to be a useful option because you can sell anything here. But it is not the only platform as far as customer-to-customer online marketplaces are concerned. Let’s have a look at these alternatives:

12 Best Sites Like OfferUp

1. 5miles 

If you want to sell goods and products locally, 5 miles will be the best option in front of you when you’re looking for apps like OfferUp. Since it is a local platform, it will provide you with all the prospective local buyers and sellers. It will be easier for both parties as things will work in their comfort zone itself.

sites like offerup

As a seller, you have to take a few snaps of goods and give a nice description of the product. If you are patient enough, you will have quite a few buyers who are going to be interested in your goods and services. 

2. Letgo 

Letgo is considered one of the most popular customer-to-customer online marketplaces. It is almost like Craigslist and sites like Offerup if you check out its user interface.

One of the great features of Letgo is that it will allow you to auto-fill your ads. It can be really helpful in case you want to sell a lot of items all at once. It will require you more time to put ads on your own which is why the feature of auto-fill is going to work great for you. 

3. Amazon 

Amazon is a great platform as a customer-to-customer marketplace. While it might be contrary to other sites like Offerup, the amazing thing about Amazon is its reach. It has to be one of the most popular shopping platforms all across the globe.

All the people having mobile phones with themselves have certainly downloaded the Amazon app to their device as well. So if you want to sell your goods and services here, you’re almost sure to find a buyer. You can sell items locally as well as out of your city. If you want to sell off items consistently, Amazon will be your safest option.  

4. Close5 

This is another app that is made to buy and sell off local goods. The user interface of this application is quite simple. As a buyer, you just have to search for an item here and it will provide you with a list of all the buyers who want to sell such items in your place.

The same is going to be the case with sellers as well. If you don’t want to search anything, you can leave it untapped and see through all the items that are on sale in your given area. 

5. Bookoo

It is a peer-to-peer community that has surely earned a name for itself in recent times. In North America, this application has been fairly popular. This is the kind of application that will allow you to declutter anything that’s not important to you.

When things are lying in the corner of your rooms without any purpose, it is better to sell them off and Bookoo will allow you to have that option. The good thing is that this application is available for iOS as well as Android. 

6. Recycler 

If you’re looking for apps like Offerup, Recycler is going to be the most suitable choice. This platform is mostly known for buying and selling vehicles. So many people want to buy a new car but don’t have enough budget to settle for a first-hand vehicle.

Recycler gives them a chance to get some amazing vehicles at a much lower price than their value in the marketplace. As a seller, it can easily help you out in a situation of crisis or if you want to allocate your budget before you buy some other vehicle of your desire. All in all, Recycler is a valuable customer-to-customer marketplace. 

7. Carousell 

This is a platform where you can sell anything. It is not just the small items but all the properties, gadgets and accessories that can earn huge profits to you that can be sold here. It is also a great platform to sell vehicles. Just like the other names on this list, the user interface of this application is quite good and simple as well. Once you sign up and start taking on the opportunities in front of you, there are huge profits to gain from this platform. 

8. Craigslist 

Craigslist has made a huge name for itself and there are many reasons behind it. One of the biggest reasons why people choose this app is its reach. It is spread all across the globe and unlike Amazon, it is specifically meant to be a customer-to-customer online marketplace.

If you have gone through this marketplace before, Craigslist barely needs an introduction. But if we talk about some of its top features, the platform can provide you with a fantastic reach along with a chance of selling anything that you would want to sell off at some point in time. You can upload pictures of your product and browse through an endless list of items.

9. Yerdle 

This platform works a bit differently than all the other names we have mentioned in this list of sites like Offerup. Yerdle wouldn’t provide money to you from the sale of your products.

I would rather add Yerdle credits which you can use for some other purpose shortly. The more items you sell off, the more will be your Yerdle credits. If you see things from a bigger perspective, you’re selling off your junk to buy new things that can add value to your place. 

10. Decluttr 

This platform is exactly what the name suggests. Decluttr is that platform where you can simply sell off all the things that don’t mean anything to you anymore. It is important to declutter items at your place since it will free up a lot of space. When you sell off such items, you’re bound to get some money from them.

You can use such money to buy brand new versions of the old items that weren’t of any meaningful use to you anymore. From technological stuff to books, you can sell off anything on Decluttr. Visit their official website to know more about it. 

11. Oodle 

Oodle is a platform where you can enhance your marketing to a great extent. It is easier to search for the other sellers in your locality and see what their content consists of in terms of advertisements. There have been instances where even pets have been sold off on Oodle. It tells you that this platform will allow transactions of all kinds of stuff. If you will look at this application from the outset, it would seem just like anything else on this list. But it is its user interface that makes it unique from the other names here. 

12. eBay 

You must have heard this name already. It has been around for quite some time thus making it a household name. Since you have got the chance to make international transactions too, eBay is only going to widen your sales.

It can be a great way of understanding how to do business before you enter the actual thing. Since there are no setup costs, it will be a great learning experience for you. 

Final Words

So these are the 12 apps and sites like OfferUp. They have got their bunch of features and if you use them right, they are destined to offer you some great help as far as customer-to-customer online marketplaces are concerned. You don’t need a middleman, all you need is a product and two customers to make the deal! 

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