9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives

Here, we will go through some of the best ChatGPT alternatives. The rise of Artificial Intelligence has certainly been dramatic. Some people were left in awe of the advancements we made with technology.

Then some feared AI would take over the world in an apocalyptic fashion. Whatever people may think, AI has grown significantly over time. One of its finest examples is ChatGPT. 

What does ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT is a chatbot based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. It was launched in November 2022 and quickly made its presence felt. You can have conversations with this bot and expect human-like responses that make sense. With the invention of discord bots, people have been trying to come up with all sorts of bots to make things easier, and ChatGPT is one of them, except OpenAI has launched it.

best chatgpt alternatives

Users and experts alike have concluded it to be one of the most advanced chatbots ever. It is the only chatbot that remembers previous texts in a conversation and stays in context. The way it learns and memorizes experiences is nothing but impressive. 

Best ChatGPT Alternatives – List

ChatGPT is certainly a step ahead of its competition. But it doesn’t mean it has to be the only option, and you might want to look for alternatives. Especially if it’s not accessible or missing a feature you are looking for. Here are some of the best ChatGPT alternatives if this specific chatbot doesn’t cut it for you. 

1. Replika

One of the finest and most competitive alternatives to using ChatGPT is Replika. It is an AI companion that you can always rely on. It is more than just a chatbot but a virtual friend. A friend who will listen to you and responds in ways you’d expect from a real person. 

It is easy to set up and use Replika. You can access it on a desktop browser or download the official app available for both Apple and Android devices. The bot first asks you to create a profile that involves your name, age, and pronouns. One confirmation email later, you have an AI friend to talk to. 

Replika takes a virtual form that you can talk to and build a bond with. You can even video chat with a created avatar for Replika. The chatbot remembers your conversations and learns from them. Replika won’t forget you one day after you’ve had the deepest conversation with it. The best part is it’s free, and you don’t have to pay anything at any step.

 2. Chinchilla

Chinchilla has turned out to be one of the best ChatGPT alternatives recently. It has been around for slightly longer than ChatGPT. Developed by Deepmind, Chinchilla is a whole different language model in itself. It is said to be better than GPT-3 itself, which ChatGPT is based on.

For anyone who needs a language tool to develop new projects and APIs, Chinchilla is a highly reliable option. Many have even termed it the “ChatGPT Killer”. While only time will tell that tale, Chinchilla remains a credible substitute for ChatGPT. 


BLOOM stands for The Big Science Language Open-science Open-access Multilingual. It is a multilingual language model designed to substitute for the popular GPT-3, which ChatGPT uses. Hence, it automatically makes BLOOM one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. 

The idea behind this big science project was to create the most powerful language in the world. The hands behind the work have been quite successful with their goals. They trained the model on 176 billion parameters which sounds incredibly impressive. The fact that the number is bigger than what was used with GPT-3 makes it even better. Unlike GPT-3, BLOOM is also openly accessible to just about everyone. 

4. Perplexity 

Perplexity is a little different in terms of how it works but still remains one of the best ChatGPT alternatives available today. Instead of acting like a chatting partner, Perflexity serves as an answer engine. You can ask the bot any question, and it will give you an appropriate answer. 

Perplexity is powered by search engines and language models that can generate an apt answer to any question you present to it. 

The tool is free and can be accessed simply through the main website. You must ask a question in the prompt box to use it. You can then continue asking more questions to elaborate on your received answer. 

5. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is an artificial intelligence powerhouse with all the capabilities you’d want in a chatbot and even more. The best way to describe it is as ChatGPT with superpowers. The creators of ChatSonic had one goal in their minds. It was to overcome every limitation a user faces when using ChatGPT. 

You can chat with the bot as one of the basic features of ChatSonic. But there are bigger and better things like automated content writing, AI art, and more. You can even use voice commands. 

The only downside to ChatSonic is that it is not available for free. It is still quite affordable especially considering the number of features and the quality you get.

6. LaMDA

Language Model for Dialogue Applications, known as LaMDA, is a language model created by the almighty Google. The bot made headlines recently when the creator claimed it had reached sentient levels.

While that’s not entirely true, LaMDA is certainly one of the most advanced AI creations of the decade. If you are looking for the best ChatGPT alternatives, LaMDA is at the top of the list. 

7. DialoGPT

DialoGPT is a conversational AI project developed by Microsoft. It can be put in the same category as GPT-2. That does not mean it is not strong or accurate enough, however. The bot has been trained on more than 147 billion parameters.

The parameters are different conversations and discussions between human beings online. DialoGPT studied and learned these interactions to achieve human-level understanding and responses. 

8. Jasper Chat

If you want nothing more than an AI chatbot, Jasper Chat is among the best ChatGPT alternatives you can try. You can talk with it, ask it questions, or even command it to write whole paragraphs. It is possible to do all of this in 29 different languages. Jasper Chat is a paid tool, but you can take a free trial before paying for it. 

9. BlenderBot 2.0

Here is another chatbot and one of the best ChatGPT alternatives if you want a conversational AI tool. BlenderBot 2.0 is developed by Facebook AI Research. The aim was to create an AI that could understand and respond to questions and statements in a natural human way.

The bot keeps long-term memories, learns from your responses, and grows with time. It even searches across the web to get the context of a question or conversation.  

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT is one of the most impressive gifts of Artificial Intelligence. We have all had some experience with AI texting models, be it voluntary conversations or dealing with chatbots deployed by websites. But ChatGPT is nothing like them.

It is the closest we have ever been to developing a bot with a human-like understanding of a conversation. It made things harder for the other competitors out there. Nobody likes monopoly, however. It’s always better to have choices in any case. These 9 best ChatGPT alternatives will give you that freedom of choice. 

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