13 Best Minecraft Seeds With Villages

In this post, we will discuss the best Minecraft seeds with villages! If you’re a casual gamer or just love playing video games for fun, there is a huge chance that you have heard of Minecraft! While, at first glance, the game concept may seem quite straightforward, Minecraft’s world has countless things and numerous scenarios you must try

. The beauty of Minecraft does not lie in its graphics or reward system but in the fact that there are no rules! Minecraft’s deep and immersive gaming experience and its open-world environment are why the game is so popular among teenagers and adults alike. 

best minecraft seeds with villages

Minecraft seeds are codes that generate worlds for you to play in. They can range from scenic landscapes to frozen islands, underground villages, and everything in between. Minecraft seeds open a world of opportunities and unlock a new dimension that enhances your gaming experience.

List of Best Minecraft Seeds With Villages

As seeds play a crucial role in affecting your Minecraft experience, you must choose the right seed. Village seeds are widely popular in Minecraft as villages are loaded with resources, animals and jobs. This article has compiled a list of the best Minecraft seeds with villages you must try. So, grab your pickaxe and let’s jump straight into it!

1. Taiga Mansion Village

What makes this seed unique is that we see some buildings that generate right on the edge of the mansion while some portion of the village generates out in the ocean. You will find a church and a blacksmith in the village with some good loot inside. The mansion generates cut inside of a big roofed forest hill.

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See the source image

There are two arena rooms on the middle floor of the mansion and a maze room on the bottom floor. Two more arena rooms are present on the top floor with loot inside them. The number of resources and the beautiful scenery in this seed makes it one of the best Minecraft seeds with villages.

Seed ID: -2184245819229053691

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(73) z:(0)

2. Double Snowy Village

Next on our list of best Minecraft seeds with villages is a double snowy village seed. There’s a village right at the spawn and another village to its west. The spawn village is mixed right in with an ice-spiked biome. The ice spikes surrounding the village buildings give it a nice aesthetic touch. The other village is within a frozen ocean and on the edge of a taiga biome.

Seed ID: 6765532540217334153

Village 1 Coordinates: x:(0) y:(65) z:(0)

Village 2 Coordinates: x:(-150) y:(63) z:(0)

3. Windswept Desert Temple Village

In this seed, we get the village, the temple and the windswept terrain right at the spawn. There is also a small mangrove swamp nearby. The village in itself is a standard desert village that generates amongst the windswept terrain and with some massive sections of windswept terrains around it. The temple is partly buried, but it’s worth exploring for the massive loot you will find inside.

Seed ID: -8074391181921868991

Village Coordinates: x:(50) y:(63) z:(25)

4. Mangrove Swamp Village

Mangrove swamp biomes are pretty popular, but they lack structure. If you’ve wondered what a mangrove swamp would look like with a structure, then you must try this seed. The village has four tannery buildings with emerald and leather loots in them. This seed is worth trying just due to its uniqueness and the loot you will find in the village.

Seed ID: -7306527445455145019

Village Coordinates: x:(-50) y:(66) z:(50)

5. Zombie Savanna Village

A Zombie Savanna Village is the next entry in our list of best Minecraft seeds with villages. This abandoned savanna village generates really high up, as it’s partly in a stony peaks biome.

See the source image

Even though it may not be one of the biggest villages, the selling point of this village is the cliffs surrounding it that just look absolutely incredible.

Seed ID: 14636698788975924

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(149) z:(0)

6. Ancient City Village

This seed has a village on a meadow. Inside the village, you will find a church, a tannery, and two blacksmiths with decent loot inside. You will also find s a dripstone cave and a lush cave. The massive cave looks absolutely breathtaking. Finally, underneath the village, you will find an ancient city. All-in-all, this is one of the best Minecraft seeds with villages.

Seed ID: 374361719025480484

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(73) z:(0)

Ancient City Coordinates: x:(0) y:(-34) z:(0)

Lush Cave Coordinates: x:(-50) y:(-27) z:(-100)

Dripstone Cave Coordinates: x:(30) y:(63) z:(55)

7. Jungle Temple Village

Up next is a jungle temple village seed with gorgeous terrains and mountains. The village is of a fairly decent size and has a cave area. The structure generation of the buildings is one of the coolest things about this seed. Inside the temple, you will find some village paths and two chests with loot.

Seed ID: 9102900746822695792

Jungle Temple & Village Coordinates: x:(30) y:(92) z:(10)

8. Shipwreck Village

This shipwreck village is one of the best Minecraft seeds with villages. The shipwreck is made up of dark oak and jungle wood. It blends in perfectly with the village. You will also find two blacksmith buildings with loot inside them. 

Seed ID: 4929471267133760783 

Shipwreck & Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(63) z:(0)

9. Mansion Village

The mansion village seed is one of the craziest seeds you will come across in Minecraft. You will spawn in a plains village that stretches up the side of a beautiful-looking mountain range. A ruined portal also generates right at the edge of the mansion. Part of the mountains generates on top of the mansion, including the entrance cutting into the mountains. 

On the bottom floor of the mansion, there is a maze room with loot at the end of it. Just like the mansion in the Taiga Mansion village seed, there are two arena rooms on the middle floor with loot inside them. On the top floor, there are seven rooms, including a hidden room. If you break into the top of the hidden room, you will find two chests with loot inside. The combination of the village, the mansion, the ruined portal and the terrain make this seed a must-try.

Seed ID: -6711489344618865496

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(115) z:(0)

Ruined Portal Coordinates: x:(15) y:(112) z:(60)

10. Desert Temple Plains Village

We’ve already seen a desert temple village earlier on this list of best Minecraft seeds with villages. But what makes this seed unique is that this desert temple generates actually within a plains village. Parts of the village path are in the temple. You will find golden apples along with other valuable loot in this seed. The village has two blacksmith buildings with decent loot inside them.

Seed ID: 943504121937249974

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(76) z:(0)

11. Abandoned Zombie Village

Did you know? Minecraft’s Villages have a 2% chance of generating as an abandoned village! Once you spawn in this abandoned zombie village, you will find a tannery with some bread to fuel you up and get you started on your adventure.

Seed ID: 253890428993065766

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(73) z:(5)

12. Snowy Village

The next seed on our list of best Minecraft seeds with villages is that of a snowy village. The village has a combination of wood buildings, ice buildings and a snow-ice building. You will find ice spikes to the south and northwest of the village. There is also a blacksmith in the village with some great loot inside. 

Seed ID: 199002808534434020

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(68) z:(0)

13. Plains Surrounded By Swamp

The final entry on our list of the best Minecraft seeds with villages is a seed with plains surrounded by swamps. This seed is quite interesting. You spawn in a little plains biome surrounded by a swamp biome. Directly underneath spawn, there is a massive dripstone cave with a mineshaft. Although the village may look rather “plain”(no pun intended) at first glance, there are numerous ways in which you can let your creativity show.

Seed ID: 102456891522679012

Village Coordinates: x:(0) y:(72) z:(0)


That concludes our list of the best Minecraft seeds with villages. We have tried to cover several variants ranging from snowy villages to deserts and swamps. Try them out, and let us know which seed you enjoyed the most. If you know of any other cool Minecraft seeds with villages that we have missed in the article, do let us know in the comments below!

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