15 Best Minecraft Servers To Try

There’s no doubt that Minecraft is a really fun game. It is one of the most entertaining games that is based online. Whether it’s the fun parkour Minecraft servers or just the experience of playing with your friends, the game has plenty to offer to different gamers all across the globe. All you have to do is try the best Minecraft Servers, and enjoy.

9 Best Minecraft Servers to Play On

In this post, we will discuss the best Minecraft Servers. Let’s take a look at these amazing servers one by one in the list below.

1. Brawl 

It is considered one of the best Minecraft servers for a reason. It features exclusive mods, plugins, and textures. All these features are meant to make your gaming experience better over time. The best part about using Brawl is that it comes with exclusive content.

It means you won’t find the same content on another server while playing Minecraft. You can play many quality games on this server, such as capture the flag, raids, and even zombie survival. The creative mode will help you build something different on Minecraft. 

2. Among Us Performium 

Among us is one of the most exciting games that you can play. It was the talk of the town for a couple of years and all the good reasons as well. With the help of Among Us Performium, you will experience this game that will provide you with wholesome entertainment.

Many other survival, creative, and mini-game modes are available on this Minecraft server. In case your friends are too busy but would still like to play the game, you can use Among Us Performium to get a variety of active single-player competitive community games. It is one of the best Minecraft servers once again. 

3. Pixelmon on PocketPixel 

Do you want to play games where the story is the most interesting part? You can count on one of the best Minecraft servers, which is also referred to as Pixelmon on PocketPixel. As a story-based server, the best part about Pixelmon Craft is that you can play it on your own too. Do you want to go and capture Pokemon?

You can use this server and have a lot of fun around. Since it is an online server, you can interact with users from different parts of the world here. 

4. SkyBlock Network 

This is considered one of the best Minecraft servers. It has to be the complete server on Minecraft too. From beautiful structures and unique mobs to fun minigames, there’s so much you can do through SkyBlock Network.

As a SkyBlock player, you must ensure that you don’t fall off. It is a very entertaining experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You have to understand how to avoid fall damage in Minecraft before you start using this Minecraft server. 

5. OmegaCraft 

Unlike the other servers we have mentioned here, it is a non-English server. But you cannot discount the fact that it is one of the best Minecraft servers around. If you love adventurous stuff, you should start using OmegaCraft.

You will love this Minecraft server if you want to play original game modes. You can also form a group of players that you meet online. In that way, you will bring a different dimension to your gaming experience. 

6. Hypixel 

When we talk about the best Minecraft servers, Hypixel is bound to find the list. It is the world’s largest Minecraft server, making it an amazing experience for you. The reason why it is so popular is that it offers you several great features.

Weekly tournaments are being held in this game. The content is updated regularly as well. These two features alone make it an exciting game continuously.

7. MineHeroes 

The other Minecraft servers that we mentioned here work only on Java editions. But when we talk about MineHeroes, it is quite different from the other names on this list. It works on both Bedrock & Java editions of the game.

This server provides you with custom Minecraft maps that add to your gaming experience over some time. There are various game modes available too. Some of the most popular game modes are prison and survival, beyond those maps. 

8. Role-Play Hub 

The next Minecraft server we will talk about is very intriguing too. This one also works on Bedrock as well as Java editions of the game. If you’re someone who wants to deal with different scenarios while playing the game, Role-Play Hub is going to hit differently.

This is the most suited server when you need story-based gameplay. There’s also a creative mod for people who want a break from roleplaying and want to interact with a friendly community. 

9. Mineplex 

This is another one of the most popular online servers. Several players are ready to play with the help of this server online. You will also play a ton of games through this server. It is a very versatile Minecraft server since you can play all kinds of games here. Sky wars, survival games, cake wars, and even games around building stuff with other players are some of the most popular games. This is fun and one of the best Minecraft servers available here. 

10. Grand Theft Minecraft 

Are you a fan of GTA games? If that’s the case, you will surely be in love with this Minecraft server. The infusion between GTA and Minecraft servers is very interesting. The server also features an underground network. This network is going to help you find and explore a lot of aspects of the game. You always have the option to climb Vinewood mountain to look at the beautiful city. We are sure that GTA lovers are going to love this Minecraft server. 

11. LiberCraft 

While other servers are heavy on mods, the same isn’t the case with LiberCraft. The other servers are meant to provide you with a very different gaming experience on Minecraft. LiberCraft stays true to Minecraft as it provides the exact gaming experience expected from this platform. It will work smoothly on your PC and is a great choice for those who are lower-end PC gamers.

12. OP Legends 

The community of OP Legends is huge and beyond just the game. The giveaways and context running take place on this server constantly. There’s a huge YouTube and Twitch support before this server, making it one of the most popular and best Minecraft servers.

13. BrokenLens Games 

It is considered to be the complete Minecraft server. It is because you have a lot to explore while using this server. Do you want to enjoy a dance party? Or would you like to go for survival games? Do you wish to solve some mysteries?

No matter what’s the case, you can use this Minecraft server for your good. It provides every type of mini-games to keep your group of friends engaged for hours. So when you’re bored and need plenty of entertainment, you can use the BrokenLens Games on the Minecraft server. 

14. LemonCloud 

This is an exclusive Java server. If you want to be a part of the entertainment community, you should start using LemonCloud as soon as possible. The best part about this server is that it offers you a smooth experience. It is not too busy most of the time, so you use it along with your friends at any given point of the day.

Some of the best game mods are available through the LemonCloud server. So it is bound to provide you with an exhilarating gaming experience. Some of these gaming mods include Skyblock, Skywars, Prison and PvP. 

15. Westeroscraft 

Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones? If that’s the case, you will find Westeroscraft to be one of the best Minecraft servers. You have over 400 locations to explore in this accurate recreation of the Game of Thrones world. Since you get to explore over 400 locations, you can use this server all year long, and you won’t feel bored with it.

The gaming experience is going to become even more exciting with each location. You will be reminded of some of the best episodes from Game Of Thrones while using Westeroscraft. The royal interiors will make it an eye-feast too. All in all, Westeroscraft is a great experience for those who love Game Of Thrones. 

Final Words on the Best Minecraft Servers

So these are some of the best Minecraft servers that you can use to make your Minecraft experience more exciting. All these servers are different from one another in many ways. You must decide what you desire from the game and pick a server accordingly. Minecraft has a lot to offer, and these servers are prime examples of it! 

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