15 Cool Websites To Visit When You’re Bored

Bored on a lazy summer afternoon? Tired of mindlessly scrolling through social media posts? Got all the time in the world but didn’t know what to do? Fear not! This article has compiled a list of the top 10 cool websites to visit when you’re bored.

15 Cool Websites You Should Visit

From cool and interesting to random and weird websites, we’ve got everything that will help you kick boredom’s butt and entertain you! So, without wasting any more time, let’s start surfing!

1. Wordle

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you have certainly heard of Wordle! The popular internet word game that took the world by storm! From being featured on various streams to several spin-offs being created, Wordle certainly got the whole world buzzing with its simple and intuitive gameplay. 

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The idea behind the game is simple. There is a secret word, and you have six chances to guess the word correctly. The fewer tries you need, the better. Every try serves as a hint, thanks to the colour-coded tiles in the game. Moreover, the game keeps track of your streak and daily performance, and you can share it on social media and compete with your friends.

2. Heardle

Next on our list of cool websites to visit is Heardle! As we discussed earlier, Wordle gave rise to various spin-offs that had unique themes of their own. One of them was Heardle! Heardle is the musical counterpart of Wordle and has been a smash hit among music lovers all over the world. 

The concept behind Heardle is that a short snippet of a song is played, and then you get six tries to guess the right song. If you are no longer satisfied with playing Wordle, you must give Heardle a shot. Even if you don’t do your best, you will be introduced to some cool music, which is a win in itself!

3. GeoGuessr

Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your home! GeoGuessr is another popular game that has enjoyed a huge boost in popularity thanks to the pandemic and people being locked in their houses. In GeoGuessr, you are dropped at a random location on the Earth, and you have to look for clues such as traffic signs, terrains, and license plates and figure out where you are. The closer your guess, the more you score.

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If you consider yourself a geography whiz and think that the basic version of the game is too easy for you, then you can try other modes such as no moving, no zooming, country streaks and many more. GeoGuessr tests your geography knowledge while allowing you to explore the world in your pyjamas. This is one of the top 10 cool websites to visit when bored.

4. Gravity Points 

Gravity Points is a fun and interactive game created by Akimitsu Hamamuro. Plot gravity centres on your screen and watch the screen descend into chaos as smaller floating objects start to gather around the gravity centres. The website brings the experience of outer space to your screen by simulating gravity in a cool and unique way that will keep you hooked and mesmerised,

5. Pottermore

The next website on our list of cool websites to visit is the favourite pastime website of Potterheads, Pottermore! If you’re familiar with the concept of the MBTI personality test, then this site is pretty similar, but it allocates you a Hogwarts House based on your choices. We urge you to try this website simply due to its cool graphics and pleasing aesthetics, even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan. Who knows? You might get curious enough to read the Harry Potter books to learn more about your house!

 6. NoSleep

NoSleep is a subreddit for horror fanatics and authors to share their original writings and paranormal experiences for others to read. The subreddit has many spine-chilling and nerve-wracking short stories that will cure your boredom and get your heart racing. You will also find a series spanning several stories interconnected to each other. So, if you’re a fan of horror stories and are looking to pass some time, then you might want to check out the NoSleep subreddit. But be warned, you might get addicted!

 7. HowStuffWorks

Have you ever wondered how the next word predictor on your smartphone works and if it rains on any planet except Earth? Well, HowStuffWorks is here to satiate all your curiosity. The website is dedicated to explaining how things work.

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Everything from aeroplanes to fireworks to day-to-day objects such as mirrors and sunglasses, you will find plenty of informative and interesting topics on this website that will keep you engrossed and eliminate your boredom. This website surely belongs on the list of cool websites to visit.

8. LifeHacker

Up next on our list is LifeHacker. The site has a number of productivity tips and tricks, along with silly articles that will cure your boredom. The website serves as an archive of productive and funny information from tips that will be useful in day-to-day life to absurd topics such as how to befriend crows and turn them against your enemies. 

9. Wikipedia

No list of cool websites to visit is complete without mentioning Wikipedia! You can find information about literally anything and everything on Wikipedia, from movies and personalities to games and anime. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Wikipedia is the best site to visit when you have nothing to do and have all the time in the world. Another use of Wikipedia that has become popular in recent times is the Wikipedia speedrun. Try reaching from one topic to another, unrelated topic, such as The Titanic & The SuperBowl, with the fewest possible clicks.

10. Wayback Machine

The final addition to our list is Wayback Machine. As the name suggests, this website is designed to help you go “way back” in internet time/ The website keeps track (basically a snapshot) of various popular websites over the years and allows you to look at them. All you have to do is pick a date and time, and you can compare how a website looked back in the day and how it looks now. Get hit in the face with a blast of nostalgia and bid farewell to boredom with the Wayback Machine!

11. Scream Into The Void

Having a rough day at work? Going through a rough patch in life? Let out your frustration and throw it all out into the void. All you have to do is type your feelings, click the Scream button, and flush your thoughts into the void.

12. Shady URL

ShadyURL is a harmless prank website that lets you shorten URLs into shady-looking links that you can share with your friends and family and make it look like the URL of a virus or scam website!

13. 2048

2048 is a fun and challenging game that tests your Maths skills and combines with Tetris! All you have to do is use arrow keys and combine numbers until you form the sequence 2048!

14. Duolingo

Kill two birds with one stone with Duolingo! This fun and interactive game will cure your boredom while helping you learn a new language. With a number of languages to choose from, such as Japanese, German and Spanish, among many others, once you get hooked to Duolingo, you will never have to rely on subtitles while watching your favourite shows!

15. Code Academy

Coding is said to be an essential survival skill in the 21st century. Now you can learn coding from the comfort of your home thanks to Code Academy. Solve various mini-challenges and climb your way to becoming an expert coder!

Final Words

That concludes our list of cool websites to visit when you’re bored. We’ve tried to include a bit of everything from productive and informative websites to silly and funny websites. Explore these websites and let us know which one you enjoyed the most. Moreover, if you know of any other cool websites that you would like to add to the list, let us know in the comments below!

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