[Easy] Fix “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing platform where you can connect with people, share pictures, videos and chat with your friends online. No matter how much we deny it, our lives revolve around Instagram these days. From no filter selfies to “I just woke up like this”, we all love to catch up with the latest trends. While you are enjoying your social media time, it can be really annoying if a message that says “couldn’t refresh feed” pops up. Everyone has faced this issue at some point and some face it more often than others.

Instagram user services are not the best at offering quick responses. If you do not want to wait forever to get solutions to this problem then don’t worry, we have got your back. Here are some things that you can try to get back your feed instantly.

fix instagram couldnt refresh feed error

Reasons why your feed is not refreshing

Before jumping into the solutions, let us first look at the things that may be causing this problem. Knowing the issue will make it easy for you to fix it every time something like this happens.

Wrong date and time

If the device you are using Instagram on has the wrong date and time then the application may glitch. Instagram syncs the date and time with your device and only then the app runs smoothly. Instagram stories and posts may not be accessible by you if do not set the date and time right.

Also, sometimes you may be able to see the feed but there may be other problems in the app that are caused by this factor alone. Before getting annoyed by why the app pops up the same message, again and again, do not forget to check the date and time of your device.

couldnt refresh feed instagram solution

Usage of third-party apps

Instagram is quite a strict application when it comes to the usage of third-party apps. If you are using automation tools for liking and commenting on Instagram then you may be temporarily blocked from viewing your feed.

Moreover, Instagram’s AI can block you if it finds you indulging in suspicious activities. Since the application constantly keeps working on eliminating bots as well as automation tools, it tracks your actions if you are using Instagram through third-party apps. If your feed is not loading then see to it that this is not the case with you.

Poor Internet Connection

One of the reasons why your feed is not viewable can be because your Internet speed is slow. There are various apps to check your Internet speed so check whether this is the problem. Instagram needs a certain speed to function and does not work at extremely low speeds.

Additionally, check if your device is connected with too many devices at that moment as that can cause glitches as well. Try connecting your device with some other network to see if the wifi is not working or there is some other issue with the application.

Corrupted Cache

Clearing the cache every now and then is important for the functioning of any application. The same goes with Instagram, if the cache is built up then it can cause some glitches in the application. Although the Instagram cache helps in loading the images as well as videos quickly, it may also cause errors if the cache is not cleared for a long time.

Freeing up space ensures the application will perform in a better way. If you have checked for the above points and your feed is still not refreshing then try clearing the cache.

Application is outdated

Instagram throws updates quite often and you need to use the latest version of it if you wish to run the app smoothly. Go to the Play Store or App store, depending on whatever device you have. See if there are any updates pending and if there are then install the latest version of Instagram.

Sometimes, people tend to ignore the updates and they keep using the old version, and one day it crashes or has glitches. This is a common problem that may be the reason for your feed not being visible to you.

Instagram is down

This is the last thing that could have gone wrong. However, the probability of this happening is extremely low as Instagram boasts an uptime of 100%. To check whether the application is down, you can check through several apps to know more about the scenario.

Also, the other social media apps are quick enough to inform that Instagram is down for some time. Wait for a few hours at least if this is the case. Do not keep on trying in such a situation because everyone must be suffering from the same problem. Wait for the app to get back on track and then try again.

Methods to fix the problem

Here are some basic things that you should try as soon as you see the “couldn’t refresh feed” message.

Restarting the app

The first thing you should do is log out of your account from Instagram. Exit the application and remove everything from the recently used apps. Wait for at least two minutes before opening the app again. Next, open Instagram and then log in to your account. Try refreshing the feed and your problem shall be fixed. You can try this method 2-3 times and then see if it worked.

Delete Inappropriate Stuff

There may be some comments, pictures, stories, or videos that you have posted on your account and they do not abide by the guidelines of Instagram. Go through your profile and see if there is any such offensive or inappropriate thing on your account.

Open your Instagram account in a web browser to see if there are any messages from the Instagram community requesting you to remove a post or story. If there is one then delete that post or comment. Try logging in to your account again and refresh your feed now.

Network Issues

Slow wifi speed or mobile data can cause this problem too. Turn off your wifi or mobile data and log out of your Instagram account. Remove the apps from the recently used section and wait for at least two minutes. Turn on your mobile data or wifi to check your network connection and test its speed. Login to your account and your feed will be visible to you if there were some speed issues.

Restarting the phone

Turn off your network connection, stop using all the apps and log out of Instagram. Switch off your phone and let it be for 2-3 minutes. After switching it on, connect to your wifi or mobile data and log in to Instagram.

Report to Instagram

If you have tried everything and tested all of the above-mentioned points then you will have to report to Instagram. Go to the settings of the application and select what issues you are facing with your account.

Final Words

Have patience while testing out all of these methods and see what went wrong. One of the techniques will work for sure so do not get irritated. We hope this article helps you in solving the “couldn’t refresh feed” issue easily.

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