15 Free GoodNotes Templates

GoodNotes is one of the finest Apple-exclusive applications out there today. The note-taking app looks to be a permanent substitute for paper and is succeeding at it up to a point. It makes taking notes easier than ever, and you are never at risk of losing anything.

What’s even better than the app’s convenience value and accessibility is its customizability. You can use hundreds and thousands of templates to make it even better. While many of them are paid, there are plenty of amazing free GoodNotes templates. Here are some templates that will make your planning and note-making easier without costing a penny. 

free goodnotes templates

15 of the Best Free GoodNotes Templates

In this post, we will mention, some of the best Free GoodNotes Templates available online. You can try these templates if you use GoodNotes.

1. Yaayplanners Study Plan

GoodNotes has no limit of purposes, and this study plan is one of the best and most useful free GoodNotes templates available. This specific template is brought to you by Yaayplanners and is available for free on their website. 

The package consists of 5 different templates ready for download. It includes; one daily study planner, two weekly study planners, one study progress tracker, and one 100-day study plan. You can also print these out for physical use. 

All the templates are available in PDF format and are properly optimized for GoodNotes. 

2. Paperlike Digital Planner

If you like staying organized and prefer to keep everything planned, you would love this digital planner by Paperlike. It makes it easy to keep track of everything without making a mess. All the details of your schedules and plans are just a few touches away. This digital planner bundle has a separate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planner to help you manage your different goals. 

The design is minimalistic, clean, and easy on the eyes. The templates are easily customizable as well. To get your digital planner bundle, you just need to sign up with Paperlike, which is free. 

3. Yaayplanners Digital Planner

If you want more than one option for a tool to help manage your schedule, Yaayplanners has something just for you. This multi-purpose digital planner can help you sort out your personal life while costing absolutely nothing. The versatility and usefulness of this digital planner make it one of the best free GoodNotes templates out there.

The package includes basic planners for your weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules. The real magic is inside their bonuses. You get over 400 stickers and PNGs to customize your GoodNotes for free. On top of that, the template comes with 15 different covers to choose from. 

4. KDigtialStudio’s White Quad-Ruled Page

A quad-ruled page is one of the more basic templates you can use for your GoodNotes app. It doesn’t mean it’s not useful, however. From solving equations to taking notes, this template can come in handy. The minimalistic design only adds more for those who want to keep it simple with the app. 

You can further customize the page according to your needs and preferences. The template is available for download in PDF format, which you can easily import to your GoodNotes app. It is well-optimized for both the app and various screen sizes. 

5. Cornell Notebook

This template brings that authentic feel of using a notebook to your iPhones and iPads. Provided by Yaayplanners for free, this Cornell Notebook template earns perfect scores in both usability and aesthetics. It is perfect for taking notes and writing down pretty much anything you want, all while looking absolutely stunning. 

free goodnotes templates

There are 9 different types of pages to choose from as well as 4 different covers. As a bonus, you get two themes and digital stickers too. The two themes are ‘Kapok and Sun’. 

6. Daily Journal

There are a lot of benefits to keeping a daily journal that records everything about how you spent a day. It brings you closer to yourself while keeping your thoughts and plans organized. If you don’t want to use a physical journal or diary, you can use this template by Dash Planner to customize your GoodNotes. 

The template has different spaces for you to write down various aspects of your day. It includes the weather, your mood, accomplishments, movies you watched, the music you listened to, etc. and much more. To get access, you need to sign up with Dash Planner. Signing up is free, and so is downloading this journal. All in all, it is one of the best free GoodNotes templates you can get. 

7. Paperkit Graph Paper

Paperkit isn’t a website that sells templates or gives them away. Instead, it allows users to generate templates of their own. You can use this website to create graph papers to use in GoodNotes for various purposes. 

You can either go for their preset pages or simply download them in PDF format. Or you can design a whole new template where every little measurement and dimension is in your hands. From spacing to the stroke color, everything is customizable. You can simply hop on to Paperkit and create your own free Goodnotes templates. 

8. Meals & Exercises

The next one is for those serious about keeping track of their fitness. Dash Planner’s template lets you track all your meals and workouts. You can fill in everything you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; every day of the week. There is a separate space for snacks and everything else you consume throughout the day. You can also record the number of glasses of water you had, along with any supplements that you are on. 

This template can help you keep track of your progress and whether you have checked out all your daily health goals. 

9. Vertical Notebook

Here is another template that students will find helpful. This vertical notebook is just perfect for taking notes in class without having to use an actual one. The vertical format pretty much makes GoodNotes feel like a notebook itself. 

The package you get at Yaayplanners includes pages for 20 chapters. There are also 10 different page templates, including blank pages and grids of different dimensions. You also receive a customizable page that you can personalize however you like. 

10. Savings Tracker

The next template is a must for every person in charge of their home, especially for the financial aspects. This template by Dash Planner allows you to track all of your savings within GoodNotes without downloading a dedicated application. 

You can track your savings progress and write down your goals for how much you want to save. It includes the amount, the target dates, the plans, and pretty much everything. 

11. Quarterly Planner

This minimal and clean template by Dash Planner lets you track all your plans for a quarter of the year. There are a lot of planners that cover weeks and months, and whole years but there’s nothing else like this. 

You can use this template to record your personal goals, professional targets, relationships, activities, etc., all in one place. 

12. Graphic Novel Template printable paper

This one is probably the most unique of all the free GoodNotes templates available here. The website Printable Paper provides a template with which you can draw your own graphic novels with GoodNotes. If you have the talents, all you need is this template to draw your own comic strips and manga chapters. The template is completely free and is downloadable in PDF format. 

13. Music Sheets

Here is another excellent option from the many free GoodNotes templates that Printable Paper offers. If you are teaching or learning music, this music sheet template will help you. You can import it to your GoodNotes app and write notes to help with your hobby or profession in music. The website also has different music sheets designed for specific instruments like guitar, trombone, etc.

14. Printable Gradebook 

For teachers that use GoodNotes, this grade book template is an excellent accessory. It can fit up to 28 students and can record the assignments and the grades to be awarded. The sheet is divided into four weeks. You can find this template on Printable Paper’s website, available for free and unlimited download. 

15. Holiday Dinner Plan

Holiday dinners can be grand, and many people like to have everything planned beforehand. If you are one of those, this dinner plan template will make it easier than ever. There is a designated space for main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, and everything else you’d have at a big holiday dinner. You can also record who’s in charge of what, what is planned for what day of the week, and at what time. 

Conclusion – Free GoodNotes Templates

GoodNotes is undeniably a highly convenient and useful app. There is no wonder it has millions of monthly downloads. The numbers have only gone up since it has been made free to download. As well as the app, there are a lot of free GoodNotes templates that you can and should try out.

From making daily timetables to tracking savings, they can do it all without having you use a single piece of paper. Plan your schedules, keep journals, and create study plans, all while helping the environment and without spending a single penny. 

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