How to Add Bots to a Discord Server

Discord is one of the most helpful groups messaging platforms. With hundreds of millions of active users, the app is a big hit, especially for gamers. Personal texting, group chatting and creating or joining servers are some of the popular features of Discord. In this post, we will discuss how to add bots to a Discord server.

A great thing about this app is that it lets you add bots to your server. Bots help you by performing tedious tasks on your server. From welcoming new users, banning the mischievous users who violate the rules of your server to adding music as well as games to the server, bots can do a whole lot of things.

All you have to do is download pre-built bots to your server and start using them. Adding bots is a pretty easy task and anyone can do it effortlessly. 

add bots to discord

Why use Discord bots?

If you are a fairly new user on Discord then you may be confused about whether to add bots to the server or not. Well, adding bots is not mandatory but it comes with several benefits. No matter how small or large your server is, the basic tasks are always boring.

Bots free up your time by responding to the commands so you can focus on the activities of the group. Undoubtedly, bots bring fun to the server as they offer amazing features. Apart from that, managing the server becomes extremely easy with bots.

Enhance the overall experience of the members of your servers by introducing bots. From bots that offer games to the ones that offer music, you can choose from a wide variety. Whatever functionality it is that you are looking for, you will find a bot for it.

Finding the right Discord bots

The first step is to find a suitable bot for your server. For this, simply do a google search and you will find the top bots instantly. You can also visit some sites that give you a list of the best bots for Discord.

Moreover, if you are a tech geek who loves coding then it is going to be very simple for you to create a bot of your own. This gives you the advantage of adding all the functionalities that you require in your bot.

Adding bot to the server

Coming to the main part, the process of adding bots to your Discord server is easy but it can be a little tricky at times. If you are using the bots for the first time then make a server for testing the functioning of the bots. Once you are comfortable with it then add it to the main server.

•Finding the bot

First of all, find the bot that you have chosen that you wish to add to your server. Once you locate it, click on the bot’s info card. Whatever bot you are going to choose, there will be a view bot option somewhere.

Click on this option so you can see the features that the bot is going to offer. This will give you a clear idea about the bot and you can see if the bot will perform the functions that you want or not.

•Inviting the Bot

If you are pleased with the features of your chosen bot then it is now time to invite it. Now, you will see a button called “Add to server”. Click on this button and you will see that a Discord page pops up on your screen. A message that reads “select a server” will appear on your screen.

Click on this and a drop-down menu will be presented to you. Whatever server you want the bot for, select it. Next, click on the continue button. However, ensure that you are selecting the right server.


Granting the permission is important as only then the bot will be able to function. Click on the “Authorize” button to give access to the bot. Once you click on authorize, there will be an option asking you whether you are a robot or not. Do whatever task comes up on your screen. Voila, this was it! The bot is now on your server and you can use it easily.


Before you add a bot to your server, it is necessary to check whether you have the authority to add the bots. There are certain permissions needed for adding bots to your Discord server. All the users who have “manage server” or administrative permissions can add a bot and the rest of the users cannot.

Therefore, before you start the process of inviting a bot, cross-check this factor first. For those who have created the server themselves, you will be the administrator by default. Also, in the case of brand new servers where roles are not assigned yet, you will still be the administrator and there are going to be no issues while adding a bot.

If you still are not sure of these permissions then there is one way to do it. First of all, open your Discord client, go to the left to select the server you wish to add a bot to. After clicking on the server’s name that appears on the top, select “Server Settings”.

After this step, click on Roles and see which roles are assigned to you. If “Administrator” or “Manage Server” is visible to you then you are eligible for inviting a bot. However, if server settings is not an option in your list then there may be a possibility that you cannot invite bots to the server.

How to add bots to Discord Server?

Now that the bot is installed in your server, it is now time to set it up and utilize its functions. You will see a lot of options depending upon the type of bot you have chosen. For instance, the bot can automatically send a message whenever a new user joins the server.

You can either send a text to the user privately or in the group itself, whatever you like. Moreover, you can also send messages to the user if they leave your server. Not only this, but you can also set the font as well as the color of the text.

Set the channels in which you want the bots to post while restricting the other channels. Do not forget to save the settings once you customize them. Some bots are integrated with YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and other apps as well.

Using the bot as a moderator

There are always some troublemakers in every server that violate the rules. However, with this feature, you can stop this from happening. From censoring language to banning people who break the rules more than a set number of times, the bots can do it all. For enabling this option, click on the “Moderator” icon and a pop up will appear on the screen.

Click yes on this pop-up and then go to the auto-moderator option. Here you can choose what rules you want the bot to follow. Be it bad words, spoilers or too many emojis, the bot will remove them effectively. Apart from this, you can select what message you want to convey to the user.

Either the bot will simply delete the text or it can send a warning to the user regarding the message. Plus, it can do both the options as well so it totally depends on what you choose. For further customizations, you can go to settings and change it from there.

For instance, if a text contains abusive words and is marked with several tags then the bot is going to be triggered. Select in what channels the bot will be active and what are the channels that are to be ignored. Ensure that you save all the changes.

Most useful bot commands to use

After setting the bot, you can now utilize the functions to automate the tasks.
?kick[user][reason]: This command will immediately remove the user from the server. However, this is not permanent and the user can enter the server again by receiving another invite. You can set some rules for why you want to kick the user out of the server.

?ban[user][limit][reason]: Using this command, the user will be banned from the server. You can set a certain time limit for which the user is going to be banned. Once you finalize the reason for the ban, a message will be sent to the user stating the argument. Plus, you can also ban the user permanently if you wish to.

?softban[user][reason]: This command bans the user but unbans them immediately. Use this command when you wish to delete all the texts sent by a particular user on that server. The regular ban does not erase the messages so opt for whatever option suits you.

?mute[user][minutes][reason]: If you wish to mute the person then use this command. You can insert the number of minutes you wish to mute the user. This command ensures that the user is unable to speak until you unmute the user or the time limit of the command expires.

?role[user][role name]: Create a role and assign it to any user. Use ?delrole to delete a particular role and remove it from the server.

?google[search string]: Use this command to make a Google search and fetch the topmost result.

Some amazing features of Discord bots

add bots to discord

Moderating conversations, fetching data and increasing the productivity of the server are some basic features of a Discord bot. However, the bots are not just limited to these features.

You can get bots that come up with memes and all you have to do is type the word. Plus, there are plenty of bots that have inbuilt games so you can play those games while voice calling or even while waiting.

There are some intelligent features of bots but there are dumb ones too and that’s what makes the servers more interesting. Listen to music, play games while chatting and make servers for people who are interested in the same topics.

Tips for setting up the server

• First of all, focus on creating a great channel structure. Everything should be easy to find without any hassles. Place all the rules as well as information of the channel on the top. Whenever users will join the server, they should read the rules first. While creating invites, instead of instant invites, do it manually so the users can view the channel info before joining the server.

• Before assigning the member roles, ensure that everyone agrees to the rules of the server. This is usually done with the help of bots. Do not assign a role to everyone as soon as they join the server. If you will do so then there will be no verification level of the group.

• Bots are indeed a great addition to the servers but do not give them more permission than they require. Also, if you give all the permissions to the bots then anyone with a token will be able to access it.

• Ensure that your server is active and is not a dull place to be. Maintain the interest of everyone by continuously creating events. Start with small surveys to know what the members are interested in and you can also take suggestions from them.

• Always choose quality over quantity. Rather than having thousands of inactive users, it is always better to have a hundred active users. The statement “change is the only constant” stands true and your server must keep on updating. Promote the users who are genuinely active on your server and encourage others to do the same. On top of everything, build a community that cares about each other.

Final Words

In this post, we discussed how to add bots to Discord Server. We hope that guide was of some help to you. Explore different bots and learn about their features. Increase the productivity of the server by adding bots. Free up your time by letting the bots do the monotonous tasks and focus on increasing your server. 

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