How To Get iTunes On Chromebook

iTunes is a great way of boosting your music experience. It allows you to get the best software for audio as well as videos that are going to make your listening experience extremely high quality. It is quite easy to sync it with iPods as well. But if you don’t have an iPhone and use a Chromebook instead, you might be a bit worried.

get itunes on chromebook

Steps To Get iTunes on Chromebook

You might be thinking exactly how to get iTunes on Chromebook. To get iTunes on Chromebook, you will have to follow these steps carefully:

1. The first thing that you need to do is enable Linux on your Chromebook. Once you have done so, it is time to set up Wine on your Chromebook. You have to make sure that you follow this step carefully before you head to the next. It is extremely important that you enable Linux on Chromebook and set up Wine carefully before you install iTunes on Chrome. 

2. Once you have done so, you have to download iTunes for Chromebook. This is where you have to perform the actual job. While you can download any version of iTunes on your iPhone, things are not the same on Chromebooks. You have to avoid downloading the 64-bit version of iTunes as it is not going to work on Chromebook. You have to download the 32-bit version of iTunes as it is sure to work nicely on your Chromebook.

3. Once the download is done, you have to change the name of the file. The idea is to make the name much more simple so that you don’t face any confusion later on. You can choose to keep a very simple name as “iTunes.exe”. Now that you have renamed the file, you need to move it to the Linux section. 

4. You have to open the Linux terminal next. Once you have opened it, you need to enter the following command.

“Sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y”. This command will allow you to update Linux to the latest build. As you enter the command, it is going to change the Wire architecture to 32-bit. Now it’s time to use your actual username that has been assigned to your Chromebook. You can search for your username by going to the portion before @penguin in the Linux terminal. When Wine Windows opens up, you have to click on the “OK” button.

5. Once you’re done installing the 32-bit version of iTunes, you have to make sure you change your username at the same point in time. This will make sure that the installation process is completed safely. All you have to do is click on the “finish” button and you will get iTunes on Chromebook. 

Now that we know how to get iTunes on Chromebook, we need to know other details about iTunes. While downloading and installing iTunes for Chromebook is a tough task, it will be worth it once you start using the app. There are some amazing features of iTunes that we are going to discuss below:

Unlimited Playlists 

The great thing about iTunes is that you can create as many playlists as you would like from it. If you’re an avid music lover, you might have different preferences in terms of genres and artists. Now if you keep all of them in one playlist, it might not go as per your mood. iTunes allows you to create unlimited playlists. So once you get iTunes for Chromebook, you can create as many playlists as you would like from it.

Create Playlists Smartly 

While you have a chance of creating playlists here, you also can create them smartly. It means that you can create different playlists for different artists and different genres. The music that you love to listen to on an everyday basis can be kept in one list while the music that you experience rarely can be kept in another.

You can create specific playlists for specific events as well. If you use some other platform on Chromebook, it might not be as eventful. But as soon as you know how to get iTunes on Chromebook, you will have a chance to make playlists smartly and as per your needs.

Video Playback 

Another amazing benefit of having iTunes on Chromebook is that it provides you with the feature of video playback as well. While you might have video-specific applications on your Chromebook, none can be as efficient as iTunes. Suppose if you’re watching something right now and you have to leave it midway because of some work, you can get back to it whenever you would like to do so. The great thing is that you can start watching from exactly where you left it. So even if you have forgotten about it, iTunes will make you remember it all over again.

Variety Of Ways To Display Content 

One of the great things about iTunes on Chrome is that it has got a great user interface. It will allow you to view content in many ways. You can view music by album, artist, genre or by song. You have got the freedom to choose whatever theme you would like from it.

There are different ways of viewing content and you can create a unique theme for each of your playlists. If there’s any confusion in your mind regarding how you’re going to play the content, displaying it in different manners is going to make things simple for you.

iTunes Store 

If you thought iTunes is solely about music and videos, you need to know better. Once you get iTunes for Chromebook, you can use it in multiple manners. There’s a feature of the iTunes Store which is going to make this application so much more interesting. It will allow you to sell music, movies, apps, books and much more. The navigation is super easy and you get your hands on all kinds of content. 

If you’re finding it hard to know how to get iTunes on Chromebook, you can look through the steps that we have mentioned above. Once you’re able to use iTunes on Chrome, things are going to be amazing considering its amazing features! 

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