How to use Selfie Stick with Android Phone? Settings To Check

Selfie sticks are indeed great gadgets for those who love to take selfies and group selfies at different events. Almost all modern Android devices are compatible with selfie sticks and you can easily use them at your convenience to take the best pictures of yourself. However, not many people can figure out how to use Selfie Stick with their Android device. If you are one of those people are unable to use Selfie Stick on Android then this post if for you.

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If you have an Android device, be it any brand, Samsung, Mi, Sony, and the likes, check out these settings to make sure that you will properly be able to use Selfie Stick on Android. Now, before we discuss those settings, we must tell you that most Android devices come with the default settings to take pictures using the volume keys.

Unable to use Selfie Stick with Android? Settings to Check

If your phone doesn’t allow you to take pictures using the volume keys by default then you can use some 3rd party apps or alternative apps from Google Play Store to enable this function. To check whether or not the Selfie Stick is working on your Android phone, you need to check your camera’s Settings. Here’s what you need to check there:

  • Check for the settings named “Volume Key Function”. If you see it then make sure that it’s set to “Take Pictures” or “Capture”. The term differs from device to device but it should be something similar to this.
  • If you can’t find any “Volume Key Function” settings then it means your phone is not compatible with Selfie Sticks by default.
  • However, there is a solution to this. Simply, open Google Play Store and search for “Camera 360” in the search option.
  • From the results, choose the Camera 360 App and install it.

Camera 360 has a built-in “Volume Key Function” feature. You will be able to click pictures with Volume Keys and hence be able to use your Selfie Stick. If Camera 360 doesn’t work out for you for some reason, you can use alternative apps.

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Final Words

Selfie Sticks come with a number of advantages such as better group selfies, better viewing angles, convenient use and so on. A Selfie Stick is without a doubt one of the best smartphone accessories that you can have. If you are looking to buy a new selfie stick then keep one thing in mind. Their main function may be to click selfies but all of them don’t come with the same set of features. The ideal selfie stick would be something that is lightweight, compact, in your budget, durable, waterproof and Bluetooth-capable.

Anyhow, this was a post on How to use Selfie Stick with Android device. We discussed the settings you need to check that will allow you to use your Selfie Stick on Android. We hope that you were able to use Selfie Stick with an Android device now. Stay tuned to TechSimplest for more such informative posts and updates.

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