Is Call of Duty Vanguard Cross Platform?

Is Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform? In this post, we have a detailed answer to this question. The Call of Duty franchise has to be among the most popular and influential video game series ever. Statistically, it is the best-selling first-person shooter series ever.

With an official place on the Guinness Book of World Records, the series also boasts of having fans worldwide across all demographics. The Call of Duty franchise has evolved with time and has taken many steps forward. Not all of them were well received, but the brand wants to adapt to the modern audience. The best example of this is their focus on online multiplayer recently. 

call of duty vanguard cross platform

All modern Call of Duty titles come in a multiplayer mode, and 2021’s Vanguard was no different. The franchise returned to its World War roots with Vanguard set in WWII. Aside from the main story, the game also features a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends and randoms. The game is available on five different platforms. It raises one question.

What does being Cross-Platform Mean?

Cross-platform is a term that we hear a lot these days. But what exactly does it mean? 

You call a game cross-platform when it supports syncing across more than one platform. A game like that would allow you to carry over your data and smoothly save from one platform to another. You can use the same account on all platforms without risking losing progress.

But that’s not the only benefit of a cross-platform game. It also allows players using different gaming systems to connect with each other. You can add friends and play with them anytime, no matter what platform they are active on. For example, if a game has crossplay support, it is possible for a PlayStation 5 owner and an Xbox user to play against each other online. 

Not every game supports crossplay, so people prefer knowing it beforehand when buying an online multiplayer. It gets even more complex when discussing a game like Call of Duty Vanguard. It is not inherently an exclusive multiplayer but does support it. 

Is Call of Duty Vanguard Cross Platform?

Now that we know what exactly it means to be cross-platform, we arrive at the question everyone is asking. Can you play Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform? The answer is, Yes. Like all of the modern instalments in the CoD series, Vanguard has complete cross-platform support.

You can play it online with anyone who owns the game, regardless of what system they are using. Console users can match against PC gamers without any inconvenience. 

Other than this, CoD Vanguard also has cross-generation support. It means you can sync the game across different generations of the same console. For PlayStation, it’s the PS4 and PS5. In Xbox’s case, it’s the X/S series and Xbox One. Owners of any of these systems can seamlessly play online with or against each other.  

Both these features bring cross-save along with them. Cross-save allows you to save your progress across any platform that you own the game on. You can jump ships without worrying about the hours of progress you have put into your Vanguard campaign. 

How To Enable/Disable Call of Duty Vanguard Cross Platform?

Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform is enabled by default on every system. You do not need to do anything to start matching with gamers who own a system different from yours. However, you might want to change your settings or completely disable the crossplay feature.

Crossplay takes nothing away from your game, but it is understandable if someone wants it turned off. Here is how to find the crossplay option. All of it can be done within your CoD Vanguard game.

  1. Start up your game.
  2. Scroll to find the Settings option and click to open the configuration menu. 
  3. Go to Accounts & Network. You can find the option at the very end of your Settings. 
  4. This section has the Crossplay option that you can toggle on or off.
  5. Restart the game to allow the changes to take place. 

These simple steps allow you to turn cross-platform support off if you do not want to match with other system users online. You can also use it to confirm crossplay is on. 

There is no limit or restriction on how many times you can change this setting. You can’t change it on the fly while in a lobby. It is also not possible to block a specific game platform. Either you can allow all or none.

How To Use Call of Duty Vanguard Cross-Save?

Call of Duty Vanguard cross-platform support also means you get access to cross-save. This feature allows seamless transfer of your progress from one system to another. It is extremely helpful when, for any reason, you have to play a previously owned game on a new system.

You wouldn’t want to lose the hundreds of hours you have spent on a game. That’s where cross-save comes in. As long as you have a legally purchased copy of Vanguard, you can keep your progression saved for eternity.

You can transfer it to any other available platform on which the game is available. Obviously, you will need to purchase a new game copy.

Cross-save is automatically enabled on CoD Vanguard. Your data gets saved permanently on cloud storage that you can later access from anywhere. You need a common account to link the data to. The game requires a registered Activision account and ID to allow you to access its multiplayer mode. That same account will store your progression. 

It’s extremely easy to transfer your data to a new system if you have access to your Activision account. After starting up your game, log in to the account, and it will sync the data for you. You can not turn the feature off even if you want to. If you want to start from scratch, you must log in with a new Activision account. 

What Modes Can You Play With Call of Duty Vanguard Cross Platform?

Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform lets you play all the available multiplayer mods with people using various gaming systems. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Every player gets access to the same features and modes, regardless of what platform they own the game on.

It also means nobody has a system advantage as the game is identical on every supported platform.  Call of Duty Vanguard is also properly optimized for all gaming systems. A PS5 and PC user can play together without experiencing any lags or bugs.


As you can see, it is possible to play Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform. The game is available on multiple platforms. Without crossplay, you could only play multiplayer if your friends owned the same system as you. That’s nothing but inconvenient.

Nobody would go out and buy a whole new console or PC to play it with someone now and then. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that with Call of Duty Vanguard cross platform support. Have fun playing with anyone and everyone, regardless of what system they are using!

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