12 Best Sites Like Afterpay – Afterpay Alternatives

In this post, we will discuss the best sites like Afterpay. Online shopping has become a common and usual thing these days due to developed technology. Also, the online shopping websites from the global market are attracting customers with festival offers, special occasions, deals, coupon codes etc. So everyone is interested in purchasing their favorite things at all times. But what does one do when they have no money in their account?

afterpay alternatives

To cater to such needs, several websites are providing instalment methods, credit shopping etc. Afterpay is also a website which belongs to that category. Not just Afterpay, but several sites are also available in the online market for providing credit to the customers and recovering those amounts in the form of equal monthly instalments. Here are some great buy now pay later sites like Afterpay.

Best Sites like Afterpay

All the below-listed sites are termed as alternatives for the Afterpay or maybe competitors further after pay. With any name, every size motor is to provide credit for the uninterrupted shopping. Whatever the name of the site, their only slogan is “Buy now Pay later”. 

1. PayPal Credit

PayPal is a well-known global banking service provider since 2000. If we have a PayPal account, we can shop from anywhere on the globe. It has expanded its service through various countries and provides an option to purchase a minimum of $99 and this amount can be paid within 6 months. Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Jewelry Television, USPS, B&H Photo Video, Overstock.com, JetBlue Airways, Liquidation Channel, eBay, and Hotels.com etc several popular global merchants had connected with PayPal bank.

They provide a credit payment option for the customers. It is very useful to book hotels, air tickets etc in other countries also. It started another short term payment option with the name of Pay in 4. Here the total amount was divided into four instalments. 

2. Venue  

Venue is another pay later website that stood top in the premium market share. Several branded products were also available from the hands of the venue. Like Samsung, Apple, Prada etc. Also, it tells its customers to shop all categories of items like electronic appliances, gadgets, homeware, fashion etc.

Customers can avail flexible repayment options from society. Also, Venue provides luxurious products at affordable prices with a bill me later option. Venue also maintains high-end safety and security. 

3. Klarna

Klarna is one of the best alternative sites for Afterpay. From 2005, it expanded its services widely that include – United States, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Italy, France etc in 17 countries. Klarna has grabbed around 90 million consumers throughout the world. It has 250,000 merchants from various countries. Lower interest rates, more buying options, unnecessary credit scores etc are really hot cakes for the consumers.

Another interesting fact about Klarna is that it has developed and mobile application which allows consumers to shop and purchase their desired products from the global market with a single click. It is available in both the iOS version and Android versions. 

4. Sezzle

Sezzle is another credit shopping site like after pay. It allows customers to purchase their desired products from global retailers and can repay the amount in 6 weeks. Also, it is providing interest-free payment options for the first four purchases. The extended time gives confidence to the buyers and can fulfil their needs and also they can grab the deal immediately. It doesn’t show any impact on the customer’s credit score. Also, it splits the total amount into equal monthly instalments according to the willingness of the customer. 

5. Fingerhut

Fingerhut is another bill for me later company. It has millions of customers from the US. Fingerhut owns a huge collection of products, best deals, festive discounts, special offers along repayment options. Purchasing from Fingerhut is just like a cakewalk. Buy now Pay later, deals, collection etc are icing on that cake. 


 Zip is another credit shopping service provider like afterpay. It provides a discount for online stores and offline stores as well. Customers need to create an account and get approval from the zip team. Then, purchasing is very convenient and the consumer can choose the payment options like the EMI or single payment after some time. It provides safe and secure shopping.

The customers can get their desired product from the desired suppliers also. We have two options namely – Zip pay and Zip money. Zip pay account is for the customer who will purchase below $1,000. On the other hand, the zip money is for purchases above $1,000. For both payment options, there is no interest. 

6. Quadpay

The catchy title of Quadpay is, “any store, split in four”. It means, the purchase done by any customer who was split into four equal payments over 6 weeks. Symbolically they represented that catchy title. Consumers can get the desired product from the selected supplier by using their quad pay digital credit card. By swiping the digital card, the purchase will be done and the amount statement was generated and sent to the customer.

Like Afterpay, it also offers shopping from online and offline stores as well. Similar to the Afterpay site,  quad pay also provides interest-free shopping and repayment options. 

7. Affirm

Affirm is another alternative for an Afterpay site. But the working procedure may vary slightly. Though it is hard to believe, Affirm provides the repayment period with a bit longer than other websites. It allows its customers to pay around 12 to 18 months. The interest rates are also quite affordable.

The usage is also simple. While checking out from a global merchant, just a while a form option. It processes your request and provides approval for the customer. If it is successfully approved, then the purchase was done and the amount was split into equal monthly instalments along with interest. It doesn’t ask for any documents for checking. 

8. Splitit

splitit is an easy way to shop online and can pay later. It is also another best alternative for the afterpay site. To choose the product and select the ‘ pay with Spiltit’ option. On this website, customers have several options and are full of flexibility to choose the repayment option and desired. And the amount for the equal monthly instalments. The amount is up to a maximum of 24 months. It doesn’t charge any interest for the repayment. The website is also completely user friendly. The customers also select the desired period for a one-time payment. 

9. Partial.ly

Partial.ly is also like the Afterpay site but has chosen a unique path. It doesn’t provide any purchase plans or deals. But it allows retailers to provide flexible purchase plans to improve cash flow. Also, it collects its charges from businesses in an upfront manner. It maintains high-end transparency.

10. Future Pay

 The name itself symbolizes that it is a good choice for the after payment service provider website. It is another good alternative to the afterpay.  Its  customers also can pay a minimum of $25 every month. If the customer wants to pay the full amount at once, then also he can pay according to his wish.

For every $50 purchase, the company May charge $1.50 as a fee. It is completely transparent. It is a reliable, worthy service provider with low charges, transparency and safe shipment services. It provides several flexible payment options to the customers.

11. Viabill

Viabill is an easy and flexible credit shopping site like After pay. It offers flexible financing options at affordable prices and a wide range of products. It also provides interest-free equal monthly instalments of the total amount. If it gives a proper definition to the buy now pay later option. It is an Us website.

It acts as the best alternative pay later website for the US and Denmark people. Viabill also provides for instalment payment option. $300 is the initial limit amount. It doesn’t charge anything. If the customer pays after 2 weeks, then viabill charges a limited amount. Viabill charges fees from its merchants. 

12. Little Woods

In the united kingdom, Littlewoods is the most popular shopping retail store which provides credit options and flexible repayment options. It provides a unique shopping scheme according to the customer. Most of the buyers can avail of the service of repayment option with an interest free for 20 weeks or 52 weeks as a maximum. Another option which is related to equal monthly instalments is also available.

It is a 12-month program and the annual interest charges need to be liable by the customers. The interest amount needs to pay in the last month. If the customer can repay the whole amount before, there is no need to pay the interest. Littlewoods also have a wide range of homeware, furniture etc. Another use repayment scheme such as 108 week and 204-week plans. 

Final Words

These are some of the best sites like Afterpay. These can be treated as alternatives are competitors to the Afterpay site. Whatever the name itself, every side intention is to provide funds for the customers to shop their desired products and interruptedly.

Few companies are charging minimal interest rates and few are completely free. All these sites are providing an opportunity to get the deals, discounts and required utilities for the occasion and festivals and can avail the opportunity to pay later. Have a happy shopping! 

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