20 Sites Like Mercari To Buy and Sell Online

Mercari is one of the most unique platforms as far as E-commerce is concerned. As a seller, you can declutter your space and if you are a buyer, you get to buy all kinds of unique items.

While Mercari is always a fantastic option, there are a number of sites like Mercari. These will offer great options for you just like Mercari as they are the best Mercari alternatives. That being said, let’s look at 20 sites like Mercari with an abundance of features:- 

Best sites like Mercari

1. Tradesy 

Tradesy is free of cost. To spice things up, it is available for mobile phones as well. This platform is a great fit for fashion lovers. When you go to some of the top e-commerce websites to buy your stuff, it can be too pricey sometimes.

tradesy alternative for mercari

Make no mistake about it when we tell you that Tradesey is always going to be an intelligent space to shop regarding fashion. It is a great way to declutter your wardrobe and earn money from the same. 

2. Poshmark 

Developed by Poshmark Inc, Poshmark happens to be one of the leading E-commerce websites regarding buying and selling of technological goods.

sites like mercari poshmark

If you’re fed up with your mobile phone or tablet and want to give up on it, you can look to sell it through Poshmark. As far as buyers are concerned, there are a number of branded options available for you. 

3. Letgo 

Letgo has been developed recently and it has gotten an immense amount of fame at the same point in time. The good thing is that the website is free of cost and it is available for Android as well as iOS users.

20 Best Sites and Apps like Mercari

Another advantage of using this platform is that it is very versatile. You will get a number of options from technological products to automobiles. It will allow you to sell your stuff locally which will make the whole process that much easier. 

4. GOAT 

This platform is specifically meant for buying and selling sneakers. This is one unique option when it comes to looking for the best Mercari alternatives.

best sites like mercari goat

If you’re a sportsman, you might have an obsession with different kinds of sneakers. Sometimes, you might not have enough money in your pocket to buy a pair and other times the options available might not be able to satisfy you. With the help of GOAT, buying sneakers becomes economical as well as feasible since they will be offered by sellers who have already used them. 

5. Everdrobe 

This is another site like Mercari which is meant for fashion lovers. The good thing about this website is that the user interface is pretty simple which leaves out any chance of confusion to its users.

This is one of the things that you’re looking forward to as a seller. You want a platform that can give you the chance of selling your items and the whole procedure to do it should be simple as well. Everdrobe is one such amazing website that allows you to sell your stuff off without any confusion. 

6. Kixify 

This is the world’s largest sneaker marketplace. Kixify is specifically meant for those people who want to sell off their sneakers and earn quick cash.

kixify site like mercari

Sometimes, people buy different sneakers and when they have a look back, it is almost like the sneakers are of no importance to them. We get the drill and we also understand that you’re looking to sell it off. What would be a better place than the world’s largest sneaker marketplace? People from all around the world connect here which increases your chances of earning cash by selling off your sneakers. 

7. 5miles 

If you’re looking to buy and sell stuff locally, 5miles might be a great option for you. As the name suggests, it is specifically meant for selling off things at a short distance which makes it a useful site like Mercari.

5miles sell like mercari

Now there are various E-commerce websites but how many of them can make available local goods of the topmost quality? You wouldn’t be able to trust the other options but 5miles will definitely be suitable to you. From selling off your stuff to finding a place to live, you can do it all by researching different sellers or buyers in your city. 

8. Threadflip 

Threadflip is a great website like Mercari because of the versatility it has got to offer to you. While most of the other alternatives on this list might have a limited scope, Threadflip has no bounds.

threadflip site like mercari

It doesn’t matter which item is ready to be sold off at your place, you can just arrive at this website and look to fulfill the procedure before selling it off. This is a fantastic option for buyers as well. Since the selling options are huge, the buyers will have a variety of products available too. This makes the platform that much suitable to you as anything in your mind would be available here, as long as it is legal and can be sold off.

9. HappySale 

Do you want to create a local business? HappySale is going to make you really happy as a buyer as well as a seller, as the name of the website suggests itself.

HappySale sell like mercari

You have to register yourself first and ensure your identity before you start to sell your items. It is the safety guidelines maintained by this website that makes it is really suitable for all the buyers out there. They can feel safe about the products they buy and they would be available at discounted prices as well. 

10. Wishlocal 

It is one of the best options in terms of buying and selling goods in the local market.

Wishlocal is extremely safe while also providing suitability for the local market. This makes it one of the best platforms for you, especially when you’re looking to trade in the local market. The conversation is done in a private chat which makes the whole procedure very confidential. They also provide pick-up service for their users so your exchange also happens securely.

11. Idealo 

If you want a platform that can help you compare the exact same features coming from different brands at different price levels, Idealo is meant for you. There are about 110 million products here which can make your life easier when you want to decide on buying a product.

idealo buy and sell like mercari

It’s always a difficult time because of the fact that you want specific features from a specific product and it might not just be available due to scarcity of choices. Idealo provides you with choices that decrease the chance of any confusion or dissatisfaction in your mind, that too at lower price levels.

12. Gifted 

Gifted is a fantastic platform when you’re looking for the best Mercari alternatives.  As the name suggests, it is meant for the times when you want to give something to someone.

It will help you organize all the gift ideas whenever the need arises. In order to do so, it keeps a track of your calendar and notifies you whenever something important is about to happen in your life. It means that even if you forget the birthday of a person who’s special to you, Gifted wouldn’t let you forget about it. 

13. Amazon Destinations 

Are you looking to go out and explore a new place? It is always going to be on the cards for you, especially when you’re tired of your work and you just want to move out at all costs.

amazon destinations travel site like mercari

With the help of Amazon destinations, you will be able to find hotels to stay at the best prices, no matter where you want to go. The list of options is not going to be huge as it can confuse your mind. The options available to you would be some of the most quality ones which suit your needs and budget perfectly. This is quite different yet one of the websites like Mercari. 

14. Half.Com 

Has it been a burden for you to keep all those books with you that doesn’t matter to you? Is it hard to keep up with the old movies and games that you don’t play anymore?

half.com active site like mercari

Half.com is one platform that would offer you a great solution. It is one of the best Mercari alternatives due to the fact that it is able to give you the same bunch of features. As a buyer, you can keep adding stuff to your cart and when you feel like you want to buy them, just make the order. 

15. Fashion Nova 

Fashion-based sites like Mercari have a real demand in today’s time where social media influence is at an all-time high. It happens to be one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms.

It keeps a check on the hottest trends going in the market right now. If you would ask any fashion lover, he or she would desire to wear something that’s the most up-to-date fashion. There are hundreds of new styles updated every day here which makes life easier for all fashion lovers. 

16. Craigslist 

You must have heard this name already and you might have an idea why it is one of the best Mercari alternatives. It is a platform that has been around for a long time now and continues to be a great option for customers all across the globe.

craigslist apps like mercari

You can find literally anything that’s tradeable here. From small items which might be needed in day-to-day activities to the job or room needs, you will be able to find everything on Craigslist. Just make sure you don’t fall prey to scammers here. 

17. Etsy 

Are you a fan of vintage stuff? You are not the only one. This is why a platform like Etsy exists which helps you go through all the vintage items you would like to have at your place.

etsy app like mercari

Some people just want to add up some of the vintage items to showcase in their gallery. You wouldn’t get literally anything but some of the most beautiful designs and colors regarding clothes, toys, shoes that existed back in the time. 

18. Vinted 

Vinted started way back in 2008 and is still one of the most popular E-commerce websites for you. How is it different from other platforms? For starters, it is absolutely free to use for sellers.

21 Of The Best Sites and Apps like Mercari

Therefore, you can clear off your clutter here and earn money from it. That said, there is one downside with this website – it is available in very few countries like the USA, UK, Spain, etc. 

19. OpenBazaar 

OpenBazaar is one of the best Mercari alternatives because of the fact that it has got a number of options available for you. We have listed enough websites which will make buying and selling goods and services available to you.

Openbazaar best Mercari alternative

In OpenBazaar, you have a chance of earning through cryptocurrency as well. It’s a move towards the future as cryptocurrency is definitely going to dominate the market in the years to come. As far as selling your stuff is concerned, you can sell off literally anything. 

20. ThredUp 

This platform is targeted at women. The advantage that you get with ThredUp is that reselling items is easy as well as fast here. If you need maternity clothes, you now know which place you have to go to as ThredUp is a perfect platform for such needs. 

thredup apps like mercari

If you’re a thrift shopper, this is the website to go to. They have a large range of apparel that is available at reasonable prices.

We have given you 20 websites like Mercari. All of them come with their own bunch of features and as long as any of the platforms is suitable for your needs, there should be no hesitancy before selling or buying certain items! 

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