10 Best Sites Like Zillow for your Real Estate Needs

Sites like Zillow allow you to search for-sale, rental listings and compare homevalues. Zillow is undoubtedly the go-to website for people looking to buy, sell or rent properties but it doesn’t mean that they are no good alternatives. While Zillow itself is quite good, there are many other websites that do certain things better than Zillow and might be a better fit for your needs.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve made a list of 10 sites like Zillow that you should definitely check out if you are looking to buy sell or rent a property.

10 Best Sites like Zillow – Zillow Alternatives

1. Redfin

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Redfin is a brokerage site which charges a nominal amount for their services. Furthermore, they are more technically advanced given they offer 3D walkthroughs. Also, Their home estimator is much better than Zillow and unlike Zillow, they are a Multiple Listing Service.

Redfin rates its agents based on their performance which directly affects the commission they make, giving them an incentive to do their job well. It’s one of Zillow’s biggest rivals which makes it a good option for people looking for sites like Zillow.

2. Realtor

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Unlike Zillow, Realtor gets its listing directly from multiple listing services, which are frequently updated. It offers a good overview of the housing and rental market. It also offers info about the neighborhood, such as the age distribution and the background of the residents.

3. Homesnap

The one feature that stands out the most about HomeSnap is that it is capable of giving you information about the house you are standing in front of, you just take a picture of it and it knows where you are and the house you are looking at. It gives you information about properties that aren’t even listed. You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for Zillow alternatives.

 4. UpNest

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UpNest is another great option for people looking for sites like Zillow. It matches you with the top 5% agents in the area you have selected and you can choose any of the top agents you like. Due to competing agents, it lets you get a good discount on Realtor commissions from the agents. They also offer free photography and staging services for your home so it can stand out in the listing.

5. Compass

Founded in 2012, as Urban Compass and later renamed to Compass. Its target market is quite small but includes densely populated areas with housing problems like New York City. Instead of using independent brokers they are hiring brokers to work for them to further improve their service.

Being a niche brokerage, it’s available in only 24 key areas throughout the US as of now. All of this makes it a good Zillow alternative if you happen to live in a place where they offer their services.

6. LoopNet

Sites like ZillowLoopNet is a bit different from all others in this list as it is an online real estate marketplace that specializes in commercial real estate, making it the ideal place if you are looking to rent or buy commercial properties like retail stores, shopping malls etc. In fact, it’s used by a lot of private investors to look for commercial properties.

They have high-quality images and videos of the properties being listed. Ultimately, it’s a good option for people looking for sites like Zillow that are more centered towards the commercial real estate.

7. Trulia

Trulia and Zillow share quite a lot of things since Zillow acquired them. Although it’s owned by Zillow, it has a different design layout and offers more detailed information about the listings. While Trulia is more focused on consumer home search, Zillow focuses on broader aspects ranging from buying to financing.

Their user interface on both the website and the app is quite intuitive and makes them stand out among the competition. It’s among the best Zillow alternatives you’ve got if you are interested in the listings on Zillow but want more details and want to get in touch with a local real estate agent to know the value.

8. NeighborhoodScout

If you have been looking for sites like Zillow and don’t mind paying a few bucks to get more accurate information, this is for you. They offer personalized matches based on their large database of neighborhood statistics.

For example, You can select a neighborhood based on the lifestyle of its residents. In addition to that, they also have crime data about the neighborhoods of the listing properties so you can know if a place is safe enough.

9. Rent.com

Rent.com is the perfect place if you have been looking for sites like Zillow for apartment or houses for rent. With a clean and user-friendly interface, they guide you through the complete process and explain all the things you should consider while choosing a property.

They also offer high-quality photos and 3D floor plans for all the houses and apartments available for rent along with ratings and reviews from the residents.

10. HomeGain

HomeGain is among the lesser known sites but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. They offer a free house value estimation tool like Zillow but also give an option to compare realtors anonymously. In addition to that, they also connect you directly with agents offering properties in areas you are looking for.

Final Words on Zillow Alternatives

There is no doubt that Zillow is the industry leader when it comes to real estate. However, it wouldn’t hurt to know some other sites like Zillow just in case you’d like to try out something new. Also, if you don’t like Zillow for whatever reason then the alternatives we listed above will come in handy.

In this post, we talked about Zillow and a few Zillow Alternatives. We hope that you liked our post on the best sites like Zillow. If you have any other Zillow Alternative in mind that we may have left out then please feel free to comment below. If you have any doubts or queries about the website or other alternatives then you can ask them below or head over to our contact page.

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