14 Best Sites Likes Pinterest In 2021

If you have been around the internet, especially around the blogging sphere, you are undoubtedly familiar with dear old Pinterest. It is especially known for collecting, sharing, and following specific ideas and content categories in image format. Sites like Pinterest have a great niche for marketing your own content and ideas as well. 

The biggest reason people love sites like Pinterest is that you can virtually “pin” your ideas into your personalized pinboards, categorize them into sub-boards. The biggest benefit of websites like Pinterest is that, as you are virtually saving your photos and ideas online, there’s no fear of losing or deleting them accidentally. 

This success of Pinterest has inspired several similar free platforms. If you love Pinterest or are looking to move to another site, you may be interested in these Pinterest alternatives.

14 Sites Like Pinterest – Pinterest Alternatives

1. We Heart It 

We Heart is one of the top image bookmarking sites and one of the top Pinterest alternatives that emerged during 2011, just 3 years after Pinterest. The name of the platform comes from the “hearting” images function. This platform doesn’t allow commenting removing the fear of negative comments and criticism. 

we heart it pinterest alternative

We Heart It caters to a different age demographic, as its target user base is mainly young adult women. It is heavily used by fashion and beauty businesses. We heart it offers a more contemporary and basic experience compared to Pinterest. You can follow people here, discover their ideas and collections, and also “heart” react to their shared photos.

The site also has live widgets and share buttons so that you can embed them into your site. As this site is mainly used by the youth, most of the ideas are quite hip and trendy. Other than images you can also collect GIFs and videos here as well. 

 2. Juxtapost

Juxtapost is arguably second in popularity to Pinterest. You would notice the strong similarities between the sites from the get-go because originally Juxtapost started as a version of Pinterest. The general idea of Juxtapost is the same as Pinterest when it comes to browsing, viewing, sharing, and collecting ideas and inspirations.

juxtapost best pinterest alternative

Juxtapost is quite an old platform with a loyal user base across every demographic. It has a “More like this” feature, which searches up similar ideas to the one you were searching for previously. There is also an option to continue browsing without having to leave the original page where you started. Juxtapost’s unique feature allows you to save your collected images in a spreadsheet format. You can also comment and collaborate with other users here unlike Pinterest. 

3. FoodGawker

FoodGawker is the best Pinterest alternative for foodies, food bloggers, and delicacy connoisseurs. If you are passionate about food blogging, this Pinterest-like platform has a huge collection related to food.

FoodGawker lets food bloggers from across the globe submit images but before it is shared publicly on the platform it is reviewed by moderators. This keeps the content high quality and specific to the genre of food, basically meaning what you see is what you get. 

foodgawker submit recipe photos online

There are multiple categories that you can choose from according to your wish. A nifty feature on this website lets you post your recipes on specific days of the week or the month. 

The platform also lets you sort and see the trending posts with the “most gawked” option. If you don’t want to share food posts, it’s great simply for sharing delicious photos of food to work up an appetite.

4. Dudepins 

Dudepins, right off the bat declares that it’s Pinterest for men so the target demographic needs no further clarification. It has a sophisticated and classy interface that is also simplistic at the same time. Dudepins makes it easy for you to share your ideas with other men by letting you organize your ideas into various montages. The uniqueness of Dudepins comes from its user base that is comparatively much classier and mature.

dudepins pinterest for men

The final note on the about section on Dudepins site states –
“Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits, scotches that are older than dirt, and everything associated with being a Man.

Man up. Sign up. Post up.”
So if this idea appeals to you as a man, this platform is indeed the best Pinterest alternative for men on the internet at the moment. 

5. Dribbble

Dribbble has a similar theme to Pinterest but is catered more towards content creators than collectors. This site works more like a social network for designers, illustrators, and artists, mostly from the digital platform.

You would feel a familiar ambiance with Dribbble’s interface as it has a similar small block way of displaying images. These images are usually content created and uploaded by other creators, such as posters, graphic designs, logos, pixel art, etc., so there’s no scarcity of creativity and inspiration on this platform as it features a huge diversity of content.


The Dribble designer community is known for being quite active, offering valuable feedback and you can also follow your favorite creators. The platform allows you to upload your portfolio, and it allows you to filter your image searches based on color, tags, projects, and other similar descriptors.

6. Pearltrees

Pearltrees holds a very close resemblance to Pinterest when it comes to the idea of collecting images. The only difference is that instead of pins and boards, the platform uses a pearl and trees concept.

pearltrees pinterest alternatives

It lets you explore and collect images and once you share your content, you will be able to view similar “trees” by other users. A key feature is that you can follow these different trees and add your pearls of ideas to them. You can also collaborate with other users to cultivate common interests. The premium version of the site offers special features like making private trees, editing webpages collected by you along with added storage facility. 

7. Hometalk

True to its name, Hometalk deals with the niche of collecting and sharing images of household interior decor and anything concerning homes. This is an excellent Pinterest alternative for those who want content specific to the home interior as well as exterior decor.

hometalk diy home decor

You can also get DIY decor ideas and advice from other users. The community is quite huge with millions of homeowners and interior decorators offering and gaining inspiring ideas, sharing projects, and discovering other unique projects by other members. 

8. Fancy

Fancy is an eCommerce social hub for all things cool and unique, or as the name suggests “fancy”. This platform itself is quite innovative because it’s not a site to just collect images. Rather, you get to buy stuff that you see in the images on other sites such as Pinterest.

fancy websites like pinterest

Fancy can also direct you to other sites where you can buy the items from your pinned images. The similarity of Fancy with Pinterest is that it functions similarly to Pinterest, because of the navigation style and layout.
Different sections are catering to Gadgets, Art, Kids, and Pets. You can also discover trending items under these categories. Additionally, you can also buy from Fancy’s website. 

9. VisualizeUs

VisualizeUS specifically caters to decorators and has a clean, minimalistic interface. It works in a very similar way as Pinterest does by letting you browse and collect images according to category.

visualizeus pinterest bookmark

The website also offers links to eCommerce sites like Amazon or Wayfair, to buy these items from the images you collect. There is a shuffle option that lets you discover trending photos every time your home feed refreshes.
The active community also offers a great option for business networking and marketing for your products. Overall, one of the best sites like Pinterest for business owners. 

10. Liquirious 

Simply put, Liquirious is a Pinterest alternative for alcohol and connoisseurs of fine drinking. It has a sophisticated user interface for offering you creative ideas for your next cocktail. If you enjoy going around town in search of places with the best menus. this is the site for you.

The site is curated specifically to display and post pictures related to fine drinking. This heavily reduces the number of spammy posts on the website.

The site has specialized sections for users sharing their unique drinking ideas and concoctions. Despite that, Liquirious is not a networking website like other websites like Pinterest on this list.

11. Gentlemint

Similar to Dudepins, this Pinterest alternative site is targeted towards male users, for collecting and sharing images for men from around the internet.

gentlemint pinterest alternative for men

The difference from Dudepin is that it’s not as classy or informative but is more inclined towards more internet entertainment content such as memes. there are also sections for cars, alcohol, food, pop culture, etc. and you can easily find the trending image of the week or month. You can also save or share these images on your other social media platforms. 

12. Designspiration

Designspiration is one of the best Pinterest alternatives that is targeted towards designers, just like the name suggests. It has a similar feel as you have on Pinterest because of the card-style image arrangement interface and lets you share your ideas.


The interface is also user-friendly and quite similar to Pinterest this site has a pinning feature too that lets you save posts, create collections. The searching option is specifically filtered in a way that helps you avoid distraction. You can also share, like, and comments on other’s photos. The explore tab has categories such as art, photography, posters, architecture, etc. and you can browse through these according to your interests. 

13. Piccsy

Piccsy is another platform that very closely functions like Pinterest. You can pretty much perform the same tasks to collect and gather images. The site has quite a user-friendly interface and has a great collection of art that offers endless inspiration and creativity. 

piccsy romantic pinterest alternative

Several features let you do things like searching according to a category, sorting images according to date, week, month, or year. There are categories like fashion, illustration, art, photography, etc. and there is also an option for sharing instantly on other social media platforms. 

14. Mamby 

Mamby is quite a new Pinterest alternative that has a reward feature in addition to the image collection and sharing social media platform. The reward is given in cryptocurrency, and you get rewarded for posting your image or video content.

mamby make money with pinterest alternative

Currently, Mamby is the only platform with a bitcoin reward system based on the number of likes and views on their posts.  The UI is sleek and modern making it one of the best sites like Pinterest, and the algorithm is quite smart in learning your choices to curate your feed accordingly. You can easily find the Trending Boards card on the site’s home page. Unlike other similar platforms, you don’t have to create an account to browse through the site unless you feel the need to do so. 


In our opinion, these are some of the best and top alternatives for Pinterest, especially if you are looking for a particular genre or user niche to promote your business or ideas. If you are looking for sites like Pinterest or even Pinterest alternative sites we would suggest you give these platforms a shot.

Who knows they may become your new favorite image collecting destination. We surely hope you find your desired platform which will fulfill your specific needs from this article. 

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