The Best Online Clothing Stores Like Urban Outfitters in 2021

Online shopping certainly has a lot of advantages in today’s time. Especially after the pandemic, more people have indulged in online shopping. With a wide variety of options available, you can explore the world of fashion at your home itself. In this post, we will discuss some great stores like Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is a website that is very popular among online shoppers.

 Whether you want oversized tees, date-night dresses, jeans or skirts then Urban Outfitters is certainly your place. However, if you are quite done with this store and you are looking for new options then you can explore stores like urban outfitters. 

9 Stores like Urban Outfitters 

We have curated a list of online stores for you where you can shop your heart out. Here are some great stores similar to Urban Outfitters that you may like.

1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a favourite among all age groups. If you want to look like a diva then this is definitely your place. Get the best styles that are “in” right now and make every day a fashion show. What people love about this site is that it is budget-friendly so you can get all the clothes that you like. From men, women, kids to teens, there is a huge variety of clothing items present for everyone.

Forever 21 has prevailed for quite some time now and is definitely a loved brand. Apart from clothes, the brand also offers accessories, bags, shoes, home decor as well as beauty products. Create a stunning outfit, from head to toe with this one online store. As the same suggests too, dress like you are twenty-one and never be out of style again. Be it comfy joggers or bodycon dresses, find your match at Forever 21 to be on top of your fashion game.

forever 21

2. Topshop

This online store has more than 500 shops worldwide. Topshop is a London-based store that offers the most stylish clothes. If you are looking for stores similar to Urban outfitters then this site is just for you. Whether you want to shop online or go to a store, depends on your choice. From clothes, accessories, shoes to make up, explore a cool range of stuff here.

Do not miss out on the millennial trends to keep up with fashion. Look at some amazing colours, designs as well as brands at Topshop to buy gorgeous fits. Alongside, they do have several brands like Adidas, Cameo, etc. apart from their original collection. Whatever style it is that you are looking for, you will surely find it here. Beautiful clothes at economical prices are just what we need. Get ready to look incredible in your classy outfits.


Having prevailed for more than two decades now, it would be safe to say that this British retail store is loved by everyone. Along with its own line of clothes, ASOS has over 850 brands on its website. What we love the most about this store is that it promotes body positivity and freedom to choose. You will find clothes of all sizes on this website which is a pretty rare thing these days.

Be it plus size dresses or maternity clothes, stunning designs are available to the customers. From funky designs, floral prints to basic clothing items, shop for all things trendy. Although the brand is quite affordable, the sale prices will blow your mind away. Shop for cosmetic items, home decor, accessories and much more. Follow the style blog of the store to get some useful fashion advice and learn some tricks on how to style your clothes effortlessly.

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4. Mango

If you are a fan of classic and timeless designs then Mango has a lot to offer. Vibrant colours and elegant designs are what describe this brand the best. Its extremely popularity worldwide is enough for you to trust this online store. From pretty black dresses, brunch maxi dresses, formal wear to loungewear, the brand has everything. Customers are all praises for the quality of the products they receive.

Be it cute little accessories or a stunning pair of shoes, no one does it better than Mango. Moreover, its formal wear is something that has its own fanbase. Opt for ripped jeans or a simple skirt and you will still look the most stylish person in the room. If you believe in “less is more” then the entire collection of Mango is based on this quote. Make even casual look glamorous with this online store.

5. Zara

For sites like Urban Outfitters, Zara has to be the next on this list. Whatever style is trending, it comes to Zara first. This fast-fashion retail store has existed for about four decades now. Being prominent worldwide, Zara is definitely one of the best sites to shop at. Since a new collection is added to the site twice a week, you will never run out of options to choose from.

Whether you are shopping for kids, men or women, you will have a wide range of clothes as well as accessories. Classy and elegant describes Zara the best as it is a blend of style and comfort. Apart from clothing items, you can shop for some really cute bags here. Look like a fashionista to rock every event that you attend. Also, the brand has great policies for returns, exchanges and provides customer support as well.

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6. Tobi

Tobi is a well known online store that is popular worldwide. This fast-fashion retail store is recognized for bringing the most trendy clothes to the table too at an affordable price. By putting out dresses of all sizes, the brand inspires young girls to feel more confident in their skin. From tie-dye joggers, laced dresses, rompers to beautiful gowns, the options here are truly endless.

If you want to switch from Urban Outfitters then Tobi is a great place to start from. Moreover, this LA-based fashion store now successfully serves more than a hundred countries which says a lot about its integrity. Along with trendy designs, the brand ensures that customers get products of top-notch quality material. Plus, the affordability factor is simply a cherry on the top. Level up your fashion game with Tobi and dress up as you have always wanted to.

7. BooHoo

BooHoo is the next on stores like Urban Outfitters that offers exclusive fashion items. This UK based brand was founded in 2006 and is serving happy customers ever since. BooHoo contains A to Z of fashions it offers more than 36,000 products. What attracts customers the most is the dresses and tops offered by this brand. It does not matter what size you are because BooHoo has clothes for people of all sizes.

Even the master city wear collection is quite stylish and offers a range of products to choose from. Apart from clothing items, the online store has accessories, footwear, bridal gifts, bags as well as sunglasses. This is literally the one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. From beachy dresses, formal parties to loungewear, BooHoo has got you covered. Plus, the brand comes up with various discounts from time to time. It also offers student discounts so the prices get pretty cheap.

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8. Revolve

Revolve has the best collection when it comes to trendy clothes and is also one of the fastest growing online stores ever. The brand was started by two friends on a small scale but is now famous worldwide. Revolve houses more than 700 brands which eliminate the need for you to go to different stores. Shop everything under one roof and look stunning in stylish outfits.

A lot of the time people are worried about the quality of products but you can trust Revolve blindly on this aspect. Whether you are going on a date, brunch, party, swimming or to the gym, this brand has something for everyone. Major brands like Nike, Free People, Levi’s, Vans, Blue life and Calvin Klein are present on this site. Men and women both can explore a wide variety of clothes here. Bags, shoes and accessories are also available on Revolve.

9. Free People

This American retailer is extremely popular for its clothing line worldwide. From clothes, shoes, accessories, lingerie, makeup products, skincare products, crystals to books, everything is present in this store. Clothes in this store are majorly inspired by Bohemians and give boho-chic vibes.

If you are looking for outfits to make a statement then you must check out Free people. Not only is it affordable but the site comes up with amazing offers now and then. Furthermore, you can follow the store to catch up on some fashion tips as well as workout tips. Look your best in these trendy clothing items.

Final Words

If you need a break from Urban Outfitters and need some new brands to explore then do check out the above-mentioned stores like Urban Outfitters. It’s time that you upgrade your wardrobe and start taking your outfits seriously. Have fun mixing and matching different clothing items to create the outfit of your dreams.

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