Best Midjourney Prompts For Portraits

In this article, we will guide you with the best Midjourney prompts out there. Midjourney is one of the many gifts of artificial intelligence. Since its introduction, the AI-based image generation tool has been making waves nonstop.

Midjourney allows you to bring all the ideas in your imagination to reality. Be it mythical creatures, beautiful landscapes, or stunning portraits.

18 Best Midjourney Prompts – List

But to utilize Midjourney’s full potential, you must be better at the prompts. Simply telling it to make an awe-inspiring portrait will not yield the best results. Here are some of the best Midjourney prompts for portraits that you can use or take inspiration from to create truly incredible portraits. 

1. Old Man Looking Out The Window

This prompt captures the wisdom of an old man and years of his experience absorbed in his wrinkly skin as he looks out of a window. Makes for a strong and striking visual. 

Prompt: An old man pensively looking out the window, portrait photography, moody lighting, emphasizing wrinkles and the wisdom in his eyes. –ar 9:16

2. Heartily Laugh Of A Woman

Use this prompt to materialize the energy of a heartful laugh of a lively woman in love with life. 

Prompt: A young woman laughing heartily with her eyes closed, portrait photography, close-up, soft lighting emphasizing her joyful expression. –ar 4:5

3. Realistic Candid Portrait Of A Woman

Who doesn’t love candid photography? Replicate a candid photo without even using a camera with the help of this prompt.

Prompt: real life beautiful female portrait photography, candid photo, f 1.2, ultra-detailed, photorealism, Rembrandt lighting, 85mm, –ar 9:16 –testp

4. Candid Street Portrait

If you are not familiar with Vivian Maier, you should be. Vivian was one of the finest and most artistic street photographers in the United States. Recreate the vision and essence of Vivian with this prompt. 

Prompt: Candid street portrait inspired by Vivian Maier, featuring a stylishly dressed woman in mid-century New York

5. A Magical Miyazaki Portrait

If you are into anime, here is one of the best Midjourney prompts for portraits you would love. Replicate the vision of Hayao Miyazaki with these instructions that generate an anime portrait of a young warrior in a mystical forest. 

Prompt: Anime-style portrait of a young warrior in a magical forest, inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki

6. Josan Gonzalez-inspired Futuristic Portrait

Josan Gonzalez might not be the most well-known artist in the world but the Spanish illustrator has carved out a niche for himself with his cyberpunk art style. Use this prompt to make Midjourney create a cyberpunk masterpiece of a cyborg woman in a futuristic backdrop. 

best midjourney prompts

Prompt: Portrait of a cyborg woman in a futuristic cityscape, rendered in the crisp and polished style of digital artist Josan Gonzalez

7. The Cyberpunk Neons

If you like the cyberpunk theme, here is another amazing portrait prompt you would love. And what can be a better inspiration than Syd Mead himself, the vision behind the designs for movies like Blade Runner and Alien? Use the following prompt to replicate the same aesthetics with Midjourney.

Prompt: Digital portrait of a figure in a neon-lit cityscape, embodying the cyberpunk aesthetics of Syd Mead

8. Sports Photography

Neil Leifer is one of the most renowned and accomplished sports photographers ever. You can use the following prompt to generate an AI image as if captured through the lenses of Leifer himself. 

Prompt: High contrast monochromatic portrait of a boxer after a fight, inspired by the sports photography of Neil Leifer

9. The Anxiety Attack

Only a few photographs can truly capture the horror of anxiety and dread. Use the following prompt to use the power of AI to bring that fear and terror to life with Midjourney. 

Prompt: headshot photography of an extremely anxious woman, sweating, police car lights, HD

10. Portrait Of A Cheetah

There are only a few visuals that can rival the raw power of nature. Use this prompt with Midjourney to capture the grace and power of a Cheetah on the move. You can experiment with different animals to create your own best Midjourney prompts for portraits based on nature. 

Prompt: a close-up shot of a cheetah running faster, motion blur, sunny day, UHD

11. Street Photography

Street portraits are full of life and details. Use the following prompt to generate a group portrait of a group of women captured through a virtual DSLR. 

Prompt: a street photograph of a group of women, dslr shot, wide angle shot, day light, shallow depth of field, tall buildings, intricate details

12. An Elderly Couple In Love

There is something so touching about elderly couples. Translate that everlasting love into a colorless black-and-white image with the following Midjourney portrait prompt. 

Prompt: A black and white photo of an elderly couple holding hands on a park bench, shot on Tri-X 400 –q 2

13. A Piercing Portrait Of A Tiger

Only a few animals are as powerful and gracious as a tiger in its natural habitat. Use the following prompt to find yourself looking at a tiger in a lush first through the lenses of a DSLR. 

Prompt: A portrait of a tiger with piercing eyes, set against a lush jungle background with warm golden lighting, photorealistic, dslr, 8k, ultra realistic –v 5

14. The Birth Of A Butterfly

A butterfly bursting out of its chrysalis is full of life’s beauty. Generate that sheer beauty and power of birth and evolution with the following prompt. 

best midjourney prompts

Prompt: A macro shot of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, macro lens, macro photo, golden hour

15. A Musical Portrait

Action portraits are amazing. This prompt will give you a portrait of a musician immersed in their art. You can change it around for any specific instrument as well. 

Prompt: A portrait photograph of a musician playing their instrument, cold lighting, a low aperture, and a fast shutter speed to freeze the action

16. Da Vinci’s Renaissance

Time travel back to the Renaissance era with this Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired portrait prompt. It can replicate every detail and every nuance of the vision and style of Da Vinci and his contemporaries. 

Prompt: A noblewoman’s portrait inspired by the works of Renaissance painter, Leonardo da Vinci, with soft chiaroscuro lighting and detailed fabric textures

17. A Portrait Of Mystique

Using this prompt, you can transport any subject or character you want into a mythical world full of magic and mystique. Just replace the subject with anything that you want to be captured in a mystical portrait. 

Prompt: A portrait of [subject] in a fantasy style, incorporating magical and mystical elements to create a sense of wonder and enchantment.

18. A Victorian Family Portrait

Recreate the unique visuals of the Victorian era with this John Singer Sargent-inspired Midjourney prompt. It’s one of the best Midjourney prompts for portraits if you love vintage art. 

Prompt: A group portrait of a Victorian family in the style of John Singer Sargent, with rich fabrics, fine furniture, and a domestic interior setting


This collection of the best Midjourney prompts for portraits will help you create stunning images and inspire you to come up with your own visuals. Experiment with different prompts, play around with the keywords and let the magic unfold. Your imagination is the only limit. 

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