15 Best Music Player Apps For Windows 10 [Free]

Nowadays, we are having a number of free music player apps for Windows. When it comes to enjoying your spare time, listening to music tops the charts . Thanks to the technology that these amazing apps are now available for Windows 10. 

Do not miss out on any of the details that would definitely contribute to your joy of streaming media endlessly. Here, we present 15 best Free Music Player Software Apps for Windows 10 just for you,

1. MusicBee

best music player apps for windows

Loaded with thousands of tracks, MusicBee could be your savior for all time music. In order to take care of all your tags, MusicBee comes along with the feature of auto-tagging.

This feature tags your wrongly tagged tracks or even untagged tracks. Aside from that allotted with the finest capability, this free music app keeps an eye on gapless playback and music normalization. The support of ASIO and WASAPI audio files makes it an ideal choice for parties.

2. Foobar2000

best music player apps

Delivering you the amazement of free and open-licensed tools, Foobar2000 goes effortlessly with multiple platforms. The makers of this app have curtailed the chain of waiting completely, this is why Foobar2000  is immensely fast in track playing procedure. 

Foobar2000 allows you to start it with various audio formats. In addition, the third-party plugins procedure tends to maintain the craze of this free music player software app for Windows 10. The user-friendly layout is weaving the love for Foobar2000 for a long while.



Designed with a 32  bit playback engine, AIMP is setting new goals for Windows 10 free music player software app. The ability to work errorlessly with ASIO and WASAPI adds on to the popularity of AIMP.

 More than that the presence of built-in effects like echo, reverb and pitch formulates the incredible quality of music. The player shows a separate category for different types of tracks so that the user can easily create own playlist.

4. VLC Media Player

audio player apps windows

Next is one of the most hyper used free and open source cross-platform multimedia player, yes we are talking about VLC media player. Integrated with third party plugin feature. VLC is smartly composed not just for windows but for other OS as well.

It supports several DVDs, VCD and audio CDs for the extension of your convenience. There is no doubt that the VLC media player is the one-click solution in the name of Windows 10 free music player software apps.

5. Clementine


Inspired by Old Amarok players, Clementine is yet another alternative for you to chill with your free music through the internet. There is the feature of playing tracks which is secured in users cloud, MusicBrainz tagging tool manages your music library without any fuss.

 Apart from that, you can also look for locally downloaded podcasts, Clementine. The user operation is truly easy. All and all Clementine could be your kind of free music player app.

6. Spotify 

You must have heard about Spotify, created for u=instant playback of trucks Spotify functions through its own Spotify cloud.

It’s up to you if you want to take the free or paid service of Spotify as there remain slight variants in both versions. The paid account includes no ads and drops down the Hi-fidelity sound quality. Select to upgrade your source of music through Spotify today.

7. Media Monkey

Burdened with millions of music files Media Monkey is nothing less than a powerhouse of the music. Removing all sorts of slow down issues for the user Media Monkey is the top-notch alternative for Windows 10 free music player software apps.

Same as Spotify Media Monkey also offers paid versions for the music enthusiasts. We can say that MediaMonkey is a keeper of all your tracks too with different audio format backups.

8. Dopamine Player

Dopamine is taking forward the perfection of an easy free music player software app for Windows 10. The appearance of this app is capable enough to make you fall in love with it. Adorned with no unnecessary stuff Dopamine Player demonstrates only informative things on the main screen. 

The drawback of this app is that it lacks some of the mandatory features of a free music player app. Despite that Dopamine Player is one of the most sorted apps for every music admirer.

9. XMPlay

XMPlay is one of the oldest players in the league of free music player software apps for Windows 10. Arriving in the year 1998 you can count XMPlayer for high bit rate, high-quality music, and multi-channel intervention.

Being mature in nature XMPlayer carries the efficiency of holding MOD formats files. Moreover, the huge music library and manageable tagging system are some of the lovely features of XMPlay.

10. VUPlayer

Moving on, VUPlayer has earned valuable recognition in the stream of free and open-licensed music platforms for Windows 10. Interactive user windows and countless tracks reconcile the charm of music. 

VUPlayer assigns the match with multiple file formats. On the other side, it’s quick to play your favorite music tracks. VUPlayer gives you the assurance of high-quality sound with effects like echo, reverb and pitch.

11. Windows Media Player 12

Best music softwares for windows

Windows Media player 12 is a pre-installed player in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 and Windows 10. Known for its multitasking Windows Media Player 12 accepts the responsibility of playing audio files, video files, unsecured files from iTunes, and even pictures. 

Specifically designed for Windows, this free music player goes hand in hand with all types of audio formats. Leads up with the brilliant output of sound Windows Music Player 12 could be a one-stop solution for you,

12. FreeMake Music Box

FreeMake Music is redefining the concept of free music player software apps for Windows 10 through its precious features. The capacity of playing music almost in any audio file format consists of the strong credibility of this player. 

If you are facing issues regarding the MP3 stuff then you must know that FreeMake music box gives you the liberty of converting any file into MP3. The High Fidelity output and the appreciable management of music library are the pioneering pluses of the rest[active app,

13. Groove Music

Constituted for vast music collection Groove music can run on 4 devices simultaneously. Not only for windows but Groove is favorable for Android and IOS too. 

Friendly user window, multiple file orientation and sync with the internal storage of your device gather the productivity of this app. You need not waste your time anymore in the search of a reliable free music player software app for Windows 10 when groove music is here for you.

14. KMPlayer

A bit the same as Windows Media Player, KMPlayer is one step ahead in the sides of innovation. Compiled with stunning sound output KMPlayer involves other settings like extra filters for updating 3D experience and unbeatable video resolution. 

It lands with a bulk list of music tracks and file formats. Precisely, KMPlayer is one of the most suitable picks in the category of free music player apps for Windows 10.

15.  iTunes for Windows

itunes for windows

Up next we have ITunes in our list of the best free music player software apps for Windows 10. Aside from never-ending stock of music iTunes regulates a constant check on your entertainment through streaming of movies, TV shows, Web series and so on.

It is obvious that iTunes is the player which shows great performance with every possible file format. Bid goodbye to all your problems in regards to Windows 10 free music player and choose to sign up on iTunes right now.

Final Words

We hope that now we have mentioned plenty of options for you on the parts of free music player software apps for Windows 10. Instead of paying senseless charges for a music player, take the wise decision of installing any one of the above apps on your laptop or PC.

A long list of tracks, perfect management of your tracks with tags, separate playlist are the direct benefits of free music player software apps for windows. What else do you need to from an application to stop thinking much and grab your music player app for windows with no delays?

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