10 Sites like Rabb.it To Watch Videos Together

sites like rabb.it

Rabbit might be the best site out there if you want to watch some movie or anything along with your friends but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. With streaming getting so popular and more viable than ever, there’s a lot of sites you can use to watch movies with your friends. We’ll be talking about 10 such sites like Rabb.it in this post.

10 Sites Like Rabbit to Watch Videos with Friends

1. Together Tube

Together Tube has existed since 2012 and is a great option for people looking for sites like Rabb.it. It synchronizes the player for all the participants and there’s a chat option you can use to talk to your friends. Additional features include the option to vote on what videos to watch next and the highest voted videos are played first. It gives you a lot of flexibility and control over the participants. Want to binge watch movies or TV shows along with your friends on a boring weekend? This is for you!

2. CyTube

CyTube is like a wild west but like Rabb.it, it has a lot of public rooms that you can join. You can make a playlist of videos from sites like YouTube and watch them with your friends. One good thing about CyTube is that the site has no ads whatsoever. The chat section is very well built and supports Twitch-like stickers. There’s also a scratch pad alongside the chat which might come in handy for some people. Also, you can vote to skip a video on the playlist and it has a lot of such features that help you.

3. Rave

Another great site on your list of sites like Rabbit is Rave. Which is It’s available on both desktop and mobile and even supports VR. It allows you to stream videos from Vimeo, YouTube, etc. And not just that, you can upload your own videos to Google drive and watch them on Rave. They also have RaveDJ that allows you to mashup music to create your own mixes. You can checkout sites like Redbubble for print-on-demand needs.

4. Let’s Gaze

sites like rabb.it

If you happen to be in a long distance relationship and want to watch movies together with your partner, Let’s Gaze is just what you have been looking for. It arguably has one of the best user interfaces of any site in this list. The one feature that Gaze offers unlike any of the other sites on this list is the ability to upload videos from your computer, which might come in handy if you want to watch some clips you have recorded. So, grab your snacks and watch your favorite shows with your soulmate.

5. myCircle.TV

myCircle is quite straightforward since it does not require you to sign up or make an account. It has a lot more to offer than most sites here with its Pro version, but the free version doesn’t lack anything. It gives you the power to watch YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo videos with your friends with just a couple of clicks. But what makes this site ideal for people looking for Rabb.it is that you can watch anything you like in perfect sync with up to 20 of your friends and chat simultaneously.

6. andChill.tv

andChill allows you to create public rooms that anyone can join using the link provided. The link to the rooms you create is a subdomain of the site which looks rather cool. The interface is as simple as it gets and allows you to browse through public rooms you can join. As of now, they don’t support phones but their desktop site is well designed and takes you to a virtual theatre you can watch movies or TV shows on, you can even choose a seat!

7. JuiceBox.dj

Another one in our list of sites like Rabb.it is JuiceBox. Unlike other sites that we’ve mentioned, this is very much focused on music. Add all your favorite tunes to your juicebox and invite your friends, and you can chat with them while listening to music in perfect sync.

It’s great for listening to music with friends but not just that, you can discover a lot of new music. It has a complete recommendation section, featured playlists(or juiceboxes) similar to Spotify/Apple Music.

8. Watch2Gether

The name is enough to tell you that what this site stands for. It started with a simple goal: to make it easy for friends to watch videos together, no matter where they are in the world, and they have been able to live up to it. Their site has everything you could ever wish for, voice chat, integrated chatroom your friends and all the bells and whistles. One thing that makes this unique is the shop2gether feature that lets you browse Amazon.com together with your friends.

9. SimulChat

It might not be the best in the game, but it still deserves a spot in our list of sites like Rabb.it. It allows you to watch anything you want with one other person. You are given an ID and you simply have to add your partner’s ID to watch stuff together. They have a drawing section where you can draw along with your partner, which is a nice addition. Additionally, you can shares files with others and watch YouTube together, whenever and wherever you please.

10. TwoSeven.xyz

Last but not least, TwoSeven is another great site for watching movies with your friends. Currently, they support Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll, HBO and a few more sites. As a result, you can watch anime with your friends on Crunchyroll, TV shows on Netflix, YouTube videos and whatnot. It’s quite similar to rabb.it since you can watch the reaction of your friends using the webcam, send text messages and what not.

Final Words

With rabb.it being the most popular choice among people looking to watch movies with friends, a lot of sites like rabb.it have emerged recently offering features that rabb.it doesn’t have and might just be what you have been looking for.

We’ve discussed 10 such sites like rabb.it in this post, in no particular order since every one of them has something different to offer. You should definitely check these out and decide what’s best for your needs.

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