10 Best Free Beat Making Softwares To Make Fire Beats and Music

Music production has never been easier than it is now, as there is no need for expensive instruments and professional grade production gear to produce music. Anyone can start producing music in their garage for completely free with a beat making software. The digital age has allowed computers to be so ubiquitous, that there’s a myriad of music production software out there.

And a lot of them are available for free, be it as a limited version or even as full-fledged DAWs(Digital Audio Workstations). In this post, we will be talking about each one of the 10 best  free beat making software that we feel are among the best, and highlight their features and what they have to offer.

Best Free Beat Making Softwares for Musicians and DJs

Below we have listed the best free beat making softwares that you can use to make great music. Check out these great beat making softwares for DJs and Musicians:

1. MAGIX Music Maker.

MAGIX started off a paid only music production software but has released a free version since then.  As a matter of fact, it was designed for the consumer sector which makes it much easier to use. It’s easily one of the best free beat making software you can find. It also comes preloaded with over 400 sounds, 3 instruments, and several effects. Magix Music maker is for beginners looking for a pro-grade software for free, this is easily one of the best options out there.

It’s derived from their pro-grade Samplitude, so it retains a lot of features. It boasts a huge community of over 2 million users worldwide. But it’s also worth noting that this software is exclusive to Windows so sorry Mac users.

2. MuseScore.

Next on this list of best free beat making software is MuseScore. If you happen to be really new into beat producing, MuseScore might be a good place for you to start and learn about music. It has all the essential tools that you need to help you get started with producing beats. The user interface is simple and intuitive to use especially if you are new to music production.

It’s available for both Mac and Windows. And it’s an open source project that has a lot to offer, with some simple tricks from your mouse and keyboard, you can work on your next masterpiece. The perfect recipe for music production and one of the best free beat maker software.

3. GarageBand.

GarageBand might just be the right app for you if you have been looking for a free beat making software for Mac. It is available for both iOS and Mac and is free of cost. GarageBand is an incredible app with an incredible community that is dedicated to making the app better. Despite being a free app, it supports a wide range of plugins. It might not be as good as Logix Pro X but it’s quite close in a lot of areas.

When it comes to Apple products, there’s nothing more popular than GarageBand for to music production(besides Logix Pro X). You can connect a MIDI keyboard, electric guitars, bass and pretty much anything you’d need to produce music. The bottom line is that GarageBand is an intuitive app that is free of cost.

4. FL Studio.

The most popular beat producing app out there is undoubtedly FL Studio. Known for its versatility,  and it’s popularity among hip-hop and EDM DJs alike. A lot of well-known figures in the space like Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Avicii, etc use FL studio as their primary beat producing software. It’s not free but it does come with a free lifetime demo with the only disadvantage being not able to reopen saved samples.

It is available for both Mac and PC and supports plenty of plugins and inbuilt tools to improve your skills and help your music production. It also has a relatively simple user interface that comprises of using basic commands like cut, copy and paste to make it easier to newbies.

5. orDrumbox.

orDrumbox is arguably one of the best free beat making software out there that are relatively easy to use. It’s a light app at only 6MBs which makes it portable and easy to set up. A lot of headling features of orDrumbox includes an automatic composition to help you improvise and make random patterns on the fly. Playing around with this can be a lot of fun.

It can automatically sync tracks together based on their rhythm and allows use as many sound or tracks in a song as you want. But it’s not always the easiest app to get used to, that takes time. Also, It’s available for all leading platforms including Linux, MacOS, and Windows.


Hydrogen is another free beat making software that you should definitely check out. It’s an open source project which means it can be modified by anyone and is built by the community. Hydrogen is essentially a drum synthesizer with plenty of drum configurations at your disposal. The intuitive UI has pretty much everything on the screen and is quite clean. Its highlighting feature is pattern-based drum programming.

It’s definitely worth trying if you have been looking for a free beat making software that is light. It doesn’t put any features behind a paywall. Also, it’s available for Windows and MacOS along with Linux, as it was originally developed on Linux.


REASON is not free like other software in our list, but it’s a worthy mention. And it comes with an amazing stock library, a lot of drum sounds, loops, and strings you could use to unleash your creativity. All of the synthesizers and instruments can be interconnected arbitrarily can have some impressive results. So, It’s about as easy as it can get for beginners. There’s no limit to what you can do with this piece of software. Its library of professional mixing tools, instruments, etc. is everything you could ask for.

All of the above makes it one of the best beat making software. Its customizable UI allows you to place anything wherever you want for ease of use. It’s one of the best free beat making software for Mac, and is also available for Windows.

8. Tracktion 7.

Tracktion has been known for giving away their program for free, so it was just a matter of time until they made Tracktion 7 free. It’s a full-fledged DAW with no restrictions, it’s practically the same as a full, paid professional beat maker, except you don’t have to pay a penny. The workflow might be a bit different from other beat making software but that doesn’t mean it’s not as capable. It’s capable of multitrack audio recording and a lot more exciting features.

It’s easy to get used to and you’ll learn how to make powerful beats sooner or later. The fact that it provides all premium features for free is a cherry on top. The system requirements are relatively low and it’s available for Windows, MacOS and even Linux.

9. LMMS.

LMMS is yet another open source project that aims that making beat making easier, earning it a spot in your list of free beat making software. You can arrange samples, synthesize, create melodies and unleash all your creativity to come up with beats that have never been made before. You can edit pre-existing songs and play around with them. Also, Its Piano-Roll along with a lot of other cool features gives you a lot of flexibility while editing patterns and melodies.

It supports MIDI export/import, like all popular DAWs, lets you use as many effects you can and what not. As a matter of fact, It is available on all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

10. Ardour.

Another worthy addition to our list of beat making software in Ardour. It is a powerful app that can be used by Audio Engineers, Musicians and composers alike. It has support for a wide range of plugins, MIDI processors and all you could ask for. If you need full control over your tools, Ardour is your friend. These features and versatility definitely make it one of the free beat making software out in the market.

You can even import a video and extract the soundtrack from it. And even see it frame-by-frame, all this might help if you are working on a music video. It’s Available for MacOS, Windows, and even FreeBSD (if you are into that).


In conclusion, there is no shortage of music production apps out there, from expensive ones to those that don’t cost a single penny. Ranging from well known DAWs like FL Studio to lesser-known ones like LMMS. There’s a lot you have on your plate to try and experiment with.  We believe these 10 softwares that we have discussed are the best in class and will not disappoint you, regardless of what you are working on.

They provide you a canvas you can draw on with no boundaries, the only limit is your creativity. A lot of these apps work very differently from each other, giving you the option to select what works best for you. So, at the end of the day, It’s up to you to decide what beat making software best suits your needs, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

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