Best Things to Build in Minecraft

In this post, we will discuss the best things to build in Minecraft. Minecraft is a fun and exciting sandbox video game that requires you to showcase your creativity and strategic thinking. The simplicity and open-world aspect of Minecraft are what make it so unique and make it a success.

From building a village with your friends to roleplaying as a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, the possibilities are endless in the world of Minecraft, and the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

If you can imagine it, you can build it in Minecraft! With so many things to build and so less time, you must have a bucket list of the best things to build in Minecraft!

The Best Things to Build in Minecraft – List

Break blocks, place them and stack them to build anything and everything from a volcano to a nuclear bomb to a castle to the Eiffel Tower! Minecraft’s immersive and engaging world will get you glued to your device and spend hours building some amazing things from scratch.

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When choosing your next project to build in Minecraft, you need to make sure that the project is challenging and fun to work upon so that you don’t abandon the project midway. With that being said, let’s look at some of the best things to build in Minecraft!

1. A City

best things to build in Minecraft

Yes, we are not kidding! You can build a modern city with well-paved roads, skyscrapers, monuments and parks in Minecraft! While the project may seem very challenging and tedious initially, the key is to start small and build upon them to create large structures. Even though building a city might be time-consuming, it is one of the most impressive and eye-catching builds in the Creative mode.

2. Small Town

What’s the next best thing after a city? A town! Build the town of your dreams, with roads, schools for kids, hospitals, banks and a town hall in Minecraft. To ensure the safety of your town and keep creepers away, you might consider building a wall around it as a layer of protection. A town is certainly one of the coolest things you can build with your friends in both Creative and Survival mode.

3. Farm

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Even though this project may seem easy initially, do not be fooled by its simplicity! A farm is essential to grow food and survive in Minecraft. To ensure the longevity of your farm, you would also need to set up a windmill and barn along with torches, lanterns and a lamp to ensure ample light for the crops to grow. Put on your farming hats and your pickaxe, and start farming!

4. Garden

Another project similar to a farm is a garden! You can build a garden in your town or in front of your house in Minecraft, enhancing the atmosphere. Use different flowers, trees and benches and lend a unique appeal to your garden. You can also build a giant fountain in the middle of the garden to make it stand out.

5. Castle

Let’s be honest! All of us would love to live like a king in a castle, and Minecraft allows you to do just that! Though castles are rather easy to build as you will only need simple materials like stone and wood, the size and scale of your castle depend on your creativity. You can add bridges, fountains and gardens to make your castle appear more royal and luxurious. Tip: Consider building a strong wall to keep creepers and mobs at bay.

6. Mansion

The second best option after a castle is a spacious mansion! You can build a grand mansion with large bedrooms, corridors, staircases, and more and recreate a Disney movie in Minecraft! You can take inspiration from real-life mansions and try building your miniature version in Minecraft. Even though it takes a lot of time and dedication, a mansion is one of the most impressive and useful things you can build in both Creative and Survival mode.

7. Famous Landmark

Recreating a famous landmark in Minecraft is both fun and challenging. You can build anything from The Taj Mahal to The Eiffel Tower to The Statue Of Liberty in Minecraft. Try to get as close as possible to the original thing, or add your details and give them your unique touch. Landmarks are certainly one of the best things to build in Minecraft!

8. Pyramids

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The idea behind this is simple. Build a large square, then keep building small squares on top until you reach the pyramid’s tip. What makes it interesting is how you execute the idea! Start small and add more details, giving it an Egyptian feel with columns and sphinxes.

9. Library

Shush! Don’t let anyone in on this secret that the library is one of the best things to build in Minecraft because of its appearance and functionality. You can put all your enchanting tables and potion brewing stands in the library. Make a secret passage behind the bookcases and decorate your library with bookcases and red carpets for additional fun and stealth.

10. Storage Rooms

Storage rooms are integral to every Minecraft house to keep your stuff organized. Whether playing in Survival Mode or Creative Mode, a storage room can be as complex and attractive as you want it to be. Store your gold, diamond, emerald and other possessions in an orderly manner. Moreover, you can implement auto-sorting for storing your items as efficiently as possible.

11. Lighthouse

A lighthouse can act as a cool enhancement if you have set up your base by the ocean. It is advised to build your lighthouse out of white material to give it a classic look and make it stand out during the night. You can find plenty of informative and innovative ideas about building a lighthouse in Minecraft on YouTube.

12. Restaurant

A restaurant is one of Minecraft’s best things to build, especially if you play with your friends on a server. Not only is it an innovative way to store your food, but you can also set up a seating area and a counter to order and obtain food. Consider building a kitchen and a lawn in front of your restaurant to enhance its look.

13. Bank

A bank is another fun project you can work on if you play on a server with your friends. You can use the bank to store your valuable possessions such as gold and diamonds and keep them secure. Moreover, you can implement a vault with a passcode system to ensure that prized items stay safe.

You can also charge your friends for keeping their items in your bank. But, in this case, you will also need to tighten the security and ensure that the security in your bank is top-notch because, let’s be honest.. everyone loves a heist!

14. Hospital

A hospital is one of the best things to build in Minecraft, especially in the Survival mode. You may start with a small clinic and then build upon it and expand it into a full-blown hospital with an emergency room and wards. Additionally, you can keep some beacons in your hospital to restore the patient’s health.

Final Words

One of the best things about Minecraft is that it gives you complete creative freedom. You can create an entire universe in Minecraft based on your imagination. Other cool things you can build include a cottage or a statue to make your Minecraft world more realistic. Do share with us if you have some other cool things that you have built in Minecraft!

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