How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft?

In this post, we will discuss how to make an end portal in Minecraft. If you play Minecraft, you know that there are various dimensions in this game. When you go to the end portal in Minecraft, you will get the doorway to the end dimension from the Overworld. It will lead you to the final boss, i.e. the Ender Dragon.

But it’s not all that easy to come up with an end portal in Minecraft. You will have to work tirelessly to complete the end portal successfully. Have you been facing great difficulty in making an end portal in Minecraft? We will bail you out of the situation by providing the best solutions. 

Making The End Portal In Survival Mode

The task of making an end portal in Survival Mode is mammoth. If you think you will be able to complete it at a brisk pace, you’re dead wrong. The task is quite challenging. If you’re into adventurous stuff, you will love the task of making an end portal. We will go step by step in the process, allowing you to grasp each critical thing to make an end portal in Minecraft

Step 1: Get Ender Pearls 

As they say, the first impression is the last. You have to start the process of making an end portal on a high note. You will have to get Ender Pearls in the first step. If you want to make Eyes Of The Ender, you will need to take the help of Ender Pearls.

With the help of the Eyes Of The Ender, you will be able to find a strong foothold. If you want to complete the end portal, making the Eyes Of The Ender will become necessary. There are a couple of ways to get Ender Pearls: 

  • Try to find clerics who have got an expert level in the game. You will be required to make Minecraft villager trades with them. You can try to give them a couple of emeralds and earn Ender Pearl for it. As long as you’re playing the bedrock edition, they are bound to supply you with an Ender Pearl for five or six emeralds. 
  • Another way of doing so is to kill Endermen. Look around, find him and end his life. The only issue here is that the chances of getting Ender Pearls through this method are a mere 25%. So you can only hope that you get an Ender Pearl by completing the task. 
  • Offering a gold ingot to a Piglin may allow you to get Ender Pearls too. But the chances are almost negligible. In case you have got fantastic luck, you have got the slightest chance of getting an Ender Pearl through this method. 

Step 2: Obtain Blaze Powder 

In the next step of making an end portal in Minecraft, you will be required to get Blaze Powder. You will have to take the route of Nether to get Blaze Powder. You may get access through the Nether Portal. Here’s how you can obtain blaze powder: 

  • First and foremost, you will have to get 14 Obsidian blocks if you don’t have them already. You will have to find lava and pour water over it to get them. The resulting obsidian will have to be mined with a Netherite Pickaxe or a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • In the next step, you will have to craft a Fire Charge. To do so, place one unit of blaze powder, a piece of coal or charcoal, and one unit of gunpowder in the 3×3 crafting grid. The result will be the yield of three units of fire charge. 
  • You will have to build the Nether Portal frame in the next step. You will need four Obsidian blocks and you will have to place them horizontally. Place three of them in the first block and another three in the last block. Connect the two posts and keep the four Obsidian blocks on top. 
  • You will have to activate the Nether Portal in the next step. Keep the pointer on one of the bottom Obsidian blocks and use the fire charge or flint and steel.
  • Now that the portal has been activated, you should jump right through it to access the Nether. 

As you go on to kill blazes in the Nether, you will be getting blaze rods for it. One blaze rod comes with two units of blaze powder, so you should try to kill full blazes. 

Step 3: Craft Eyes Of The Ender 

You have gotten Ender Pearls? You have successfully taken blaze powder in enough quantity too? The next task is to craft Eyes Of The Ender with the help of these two objects. As we have said already, it is about taking one step at a time when it comes to making an end portal in Minecraft.

There are no specifications regarding how many Eyes Of The Ender you need to craft for the end portal. You should try to craft them in the range of 20 to 30 options so that you don’t run out of resources when the time comes. It is about finding the stronghold and you will need Eyes Of The Ender to get to them. 

Some players have managed to make the end portal with just a couple of Eyes Of The Ender. But those are rare cases and they will barely happen. As long as the End Portal is prefilled, the Eyes Of The Ender requirement is bound to decrease. But what are the odds that you will find the End Portal prefilled? There are very rare chances that it will happen and if you don’t believe in luck, you should try to craft as many Eyes Of The Ender as possible. 

Step 4: Using The Eyes Of The Ender 

Now that you have crafted Eyes Of The Ender appropriately, it is about time you start using it as well. It is the way to find a stronghold that will lead you to make the end portal. To locate the nearest stronghold, you will have to begin your search correctly. You will have to go back to the place where you first spawned in the world. Once you reach that particular place, throw an Eye Of The Ender.

end portal in minecraft

The Eye Of The Ender will take some time to show you the way. It is going to stay still in the air for some time before providing a rough direction. You will have to throw another Eye Of The Ender after a point until you get closer to the stronghold. If you have crafted them in plenty, you can keep throwing them from time to time unless you find the stronghold. 

The question is, how would you be able to know if you have found the stronghold? As we have already told you, the Eye Of The Ender stays still in the air when you throw it. But when you find the stronghold, it travels towards the ground. It signals that you have reached the stronghold and are inches away from making the end portal. 

Step 5: Digging Through Dirt 

Now that you know the position of the strongholds, thanks to the Eyes Of The Ender, you will have to dig through dirt to get to the stronghold. While you do so, you should try to make sure that you dig through two blocks instead of one.

When you dig through a couple of blocks, the chances of landing on the lava or hostile mobs will decrease. It is one method of avoiding harm while you make the end portal. If you have got Minecraft armour, the task of getting the strongholds will become safer. This will protect you from the hits that you failed to avoid. 

Step 6: Search For The Broken End Portal In The Stronghold 

Finding and getting strongholds is a journey of its own. It takes a lot of time to get there, but the process doesn’t end here. One thing that needs to be cleared is that there’s a struggle to make the End Portal in Minecraft. Once you get to the strongholds, you will need to go inside them. You will have to search for the portal room specifically where the broken end portal exists.

As you can expect yourself, the task of reaching the portal room is going to come with its hurdles. You will encounter hostile mobs and be required to deal with them efficiently. Once you see the rectangular room in your path with a doorway and three pools of lava, you have reached your destination. 

Step 7: Complete The Broken End Portal

In the final steps of the process, you will have to complete the broken end portal. The task is to destroy the monster spawner first before filling all the lavas in the portal room. As you fill the lavas, the chances of mishaps will decrease to a great extent. Through the Broken End Portal doorway, you will find a set of stairs. You will have to get to the top of the stairs to learn about the End Portal frame and its location.

To activate the End Portal, you will surely need the assistance of the Eyes Of The Ender. In the blocks on the portal, the Eyes Of The Ender might be missing. Fill the missing pegs and it will lead to a booming sound. Once the centre of the frame becomes dark, the task of making the end portal is successful. 

Making The End Portal In Creative Mode 

If you’re using the creative mode, you can be relieved as the task of making the end portal is not as complex. You can make it rather quickly since there’s no involvement of the Eyes Of The Ender, the Stronghold or searching for the End Portal. With the help of End Portal blocks and Eyes Of The Ender, you can build the End Portal right from scratch. Here’s the step-by-step process of making the end portal in creative mode: 

  • The first thing to decide is to choose where you have to build the End Portal. You don’t have to deal with any environment extensively to make the End Portal. Just make sure that the space is  3×3 square, and you can proceed with creating the End Portal. 
  • The next task is to go through your inventory. You will have to grab your End Portal blocks. As long as they are a dozen, you can proceed further in the process. If they are less than 12, you will first have to get the End Portal blocks. 
  • Now that you have the blocks, the next task is to build The End Portal. Compare it with Survival Mode and things are far more accessible in Creative Mode. To build the portal, you need to position yourself in the middle of the location. You have to place three End Blocks next to each other and will be required to put marks on either side of the centre black square so that they are facing the inside and outside of the portal. 
  • You have to turn to get to the other side of the 3×3 grid. As you do so, you have to follow it up by placing three more blocks in a straight line. Since you have to complete the End Portal frame, you will be required to do it a couple more times. 
  • Now move out of the middle of the zone. The task is to place The Eyes Of The Ender on the End Portal, one each on the Portal block. It will create a booming sound when you’ve completed the job. The centre of the portal will turn black, proving that the procedure has been successful.

Final Words

You can try either of the ways to make an End Portal in Minecraft. It might be easier to create the End Portal in Creative Mode, but if you love adventurous stuff, you will fall in love with making the End Portal in survival mode too! 

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