How Many Cards Do You Get In UNO?

As the world gets increasingly attracted to online games, let’s not keep card and board games aside. After all, they have been the solution for your leisure all this time. Keeping the online games aside for a change, in this piece, we will answer the evergreen question: How many cards do you get in UNO?

Card games are fun; we don’t think anyone would argue against that. People have been playing cards for ages, from testing their luck in blackjack and solitaire to even collecting Pokemon cards and battling it out with Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

There are many types of cards and games you can play. But that one name that always comes up when someone mentions card games is UNO. 

how many cards do you get in UNO?

Even those who have never played the game know what UNO is. They also have many questions about it, as the game can initially be slightly confusing. All beginners ask one common question: “How Many Cards Do You Get In UNO?”. Here are all the answers. 

How Do You Play UNO?

Playing UNO might be tricky initially, but it has several simple rules. The players sit in a circle and start individually dropping cards from their decks. The first player has to drop a card that matches the card in the middle. It can either be of the same color or the same number, or the symbol. If the player cannot play a card, they must draw one from the deck. If that card can be played, it is played immediately. Otherwise, it skips to the next person.

You can play an action card when it matches the color in play or if someone has played the same action card. There are three action cards; Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two. 

There are two wild cards as well. With one of them, you can change the color in play anytime, regardless of the card played. The other wild card instantly adds 2 cards to the next player’s deck. 

The ultimate goal is to empty the cards in your hand faster than anyone else. There is a mix of luck and strategy involved in the game that makes it so fun!

How Many Cards Do You Get In UNO Game?

In the latest version of UNO, you get 112 cards in the deck. It used to be 108 before the addition of 4 blank cards. These blank cards can be customized to replace lost cards or create new ones with your own rules. 

These cards are only available in newer editions. If you buy an older version of UNO, will only be 108 cards inside. 

Out of those 108, there are 76 numbered cards. It can be divided into 19 cards for each of the four available colors; red, blue, green, and yellow. The 19-card set has one ‘0’ card and two cards for each number from ‘1’ to ‘9’. 

There are 24 action cards. Every color gets 2 copies of the 3 action cards; Skip, Reverse, and Add 2. 

That leaves 8 wild cards. There are 2 types of wild cards, and every color has two copies. 

Do You Need To Have All Cards To Play UNO?

The UNO game requires an intact deck if you wish to play it properly. UNO now gives 4 extra cards in all decks in case you lose one of the cards. You can write numbers and names on these blank cards and use them as a placeholder. You might have to buy a new deck or compromise if you lose more than four cards. 


How many cards do you get in UNO deck?

The number of total cards you get can vary depending on if you’re getting a newer or older deck. The latest UNO decks with 112 total cards. 

How Many Players Do You Need For UNO?

You need a minimum of two players to play a game of UNO. There is no upper limit as to how many players can play it. Ideally, 5-6 players can play a game without an issue. It’s possible for more players to join in too, but it might get crowded and stretched. 

How Many Colors Do UNO Cards Come In?

There are four colors in UNO; Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. 

How many types of cards are in UNO?

There are four types of cards you get in UNO. First up, there are numbered cards with numbers from 0 to 9 on them. Then there are action cards with which you can skip, reverse, or make players pick up extra cards. There are also wild cards and customizable blank cards.  

What are action cards?

There are three action cards in UNO. With the Skip card, you force the player next to you to skip their turn. With Reverse cards, you reverse the playing order. Lastly, the +2 cards add 2 cards to the next player’s deck. 

Can I play UNO online?

Yes, you can easily play UNO online . There are a lot of official and unofficial versions available for completely free. 

What are wild cards in UNO?

There are two wild cards in UNO. With one wild card, you can change the color in play any time you want. The other wild card forces the next player to pick up 4 cards simultaneously. 

What if I lose a card from the deck?

It is not possible to play UNO without having the full deck. You can use a blank replacement card to serve as a substitute for it. 

To Summarize

Having fun is important, and card games are all about having fun. Especially the more lighthearted and easy-to-learn ones like UNO. You don’t risk losing money and don’t have to go through a long list of rules to understand how it works. You can even learn the rules on the go. 

All one needs to learn is the different types of cards in a deck and everything they do. Knowing exactly how many cards you get in UNO is a good piece. Just remember, UNO is all about having fun (and, of course, fighting your friends). 

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