11 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

In this post, we will have a look at the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds. Do you play Minecraft often? Even if you have just started, there are so many things to explore in this game. It is a 3D sandbox game that allows you to interact with a three-dimensional environment. There are various Minecraft Biomes to explore and one of such biomes is called the Jungle Biome.

It is the favourite environment for so many people since there are a lot of things that one can do here. Do you want to go to this biome right at the spawn? It is a very possible situation as long as you take the assistance of the Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds. 

best minecraft jungle seeds

These Jungle Seeds can offer you some great benefits. To start with, you don’t have to put much of an effort to reach out to the jungle. You will get there right at the spawn. We are going to talk about some of the best and most popular Jungle Seeds here. These have all got a unique bunch of features.

You can use all these seeds one by one and there will be a unique jungle experience each time. Would you like to know about the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds right now? Let’s jump right into it: 

1. Huge Jungle With Jungle Temples 

The first seed that we are going to discuss here is very popular amongst the masses. This is also the reason why it is included in the list of best Minecraft Jungle Seeds. The seed is 573398763507649. The Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates are X: 109, Y: 64, Z: 69 and Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates are X: -154, Y: 75, Z: 127.

As the name suggests, you will be able to find the jungle temples easily in this seed. It is just 200 blocks away from your spawn. When you use this seed, you see nothing but jungle all around you. You will have a feeling that it is a Jungle-only biome world. It’s because there’s nothing apart from the jungle in this seed, even if you go away a few hundred blocks. 

2. Jungle Temple At Spawn 

When we talk about the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds, this one surely has to find the list. You will be spawned right next to a jungle temple. So it will be easier for you to walk into it.

Apart from the temple, you will find some other features around you. It will be a big dessert along with plains. But there’s a huge jungle behind this biome. This is the biggest feature of this seed as there’s so much to explore when you enter this jungle.

Another advantage of this seed is that you will be able to find great loot here. All you need to do is walk towards a few blocks behind the temple. All you need to do is try to dig down deep at the coordinates. The Entry to this Mineshaft is X: 200, Y: 65, Z: 19. The seed is 2029492581 and it is all yours to explore. There are a bunch of unique environments which are most definitely to draw your attention!  

3. Jungle Island with Ruined Portal and 2 Shipwrecks 

This is one of the most sought after seeds to look after in Minecraft. When you spawn, it is going to come with a Shipwreck right next to you. It is the experience on the island that’s thrilling here. When you’re alongside your buddies, you will have a great time with this seed. There are various biomes in Minecraft but most of them will get boring after a point.

You will like exploring them a couple of times and move on immediately. But when you specifically go for this seed, things are very contrasting. You have to keep digging down and things will work in your favour down the road. The seed here is 7777777777988733304 and cave spider coordinates are X: -12, Y: 28, Z: -17. There are two different Shipwreck coordinates, X: 63, Y: 64, Z: 24 and X: 29, Y: 68, Z: -74. Lastly, there are ruined portal coordinates i.e. X: 42, Y: 64, Z: -4. 

4. Jungle with 3 Ocean Ruins 

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you would know how difficult it is to find ocean ruins. It is the major reason why you should go for this particular seed. When you use this seed, you’re going to get three ocean ruins right next to a beach and a Jungle biome in this seed.

While talking about ocean ruins, there are plenty of things to discover here. When you get 3 ocean ruins, you’re bound to have a thrilling ride multiplied by three. We already know that the Jungle biome has got a lot to offer to you. The seed is 783540347 and 3 Ocean Ruins Coordinates are X: -252, Y: 72, Z: 392. 

5. Jungle Near Mineshaft, Jungle Pyramid, & Mountain 

Talk about a seed that has got a lot of hidden elements to offer, this one was always going to find the list of the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds. Right when you spawn, you find an amazing scenic experience where the Jungle and Mountain biome have been combined.

When you dig down deep into this seed, you will have a huge cave and a mineshaft on offer as well. This seed code is 928443074804576. The Jungle Pyramid Coordinates are X: -250, Y: 70, Z: 31, Village Coordinates are X: 230, Y: 75, Z: 552. Moreover, Ruined Portal Coordinates are  X: -414, Y: 97, Z: 264 and Mineshaft Coordinates are X: 132, Y: 19, Z: -175. 

6. Village in 3 Biomes and More 

This one is an interesting seed that’s pretty unique from the other names on the list. When you spawn, you’re going to fall into a village. But when you get near it, it keeps on spreading to three different biomes.

These biomes include plains, deserts and forests. Once you pass the village biome, you will reach out to the Jungle biome. All in all, there are a lot of scopes here and you can explore many things. The seed code is 1970945029. 

7. The Coca Parrots 

You will spawn in what seems to be a jungle ruled by cocoa loving parrots, the reason behind the name as well. As you can expect, you will find a lot of mobs and cocoa beans all around this jungle.

There are some amazing things about this seed. First of all, you get a large jungle to explore. The next thing is that you get lots of cocoa around you. On top of that, you will get plenty of parrots as well. The seed code is 300043 and it is compatible with 1.16 or any version that is above it. 

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8. The Pirate Jungle Temple 

If we talk about the uniqueness of the biomes, there’s nothing different to offer here. It is only until you start to explore the jungle that you will do quite a few amazing things that the seed has got to offer to you. It is when you go deep inside these Jungle trees that things start to become more interesting.

You will find a jungle temple and there will be a lot of things to encounter in this temple. Apart from finding some great loot, you have got a lot of things to explore in this seed. The seed code is -1969652990125137044. 

9. The Savanna Jungle

When you use this seed, you have got a lot of things on offer. It’s more than just a jungle. At the border, there’s a beautiful savanna biome. It means that the seed is going to offer great appeal to you. It is visually stunning to run through your missions while using this seed.

Apart from that, you will have many mobs on offer as well. In addition, you will also be having cocoa beans. It is going to be compatible with any version that is 1.16 and above. All in all, it is a great seed that is one of the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds. 

10. Lush Caves In Jungle 

If we are going to talk about one of the most celebrated biomes on the list, this one has to be the topper. Unlike the other names here, this seed wouldn’t allow you to jump into a different environment right when you spawn. It means that you will have to travel to get to the Jungle biome. But once you get there, all of it is worth it.

You will be getting around the lush caves which are most definitely going to bring excitement to you. The seed code is 743324574 and if you want to go for cave opening coordinates, the code is  X: 1765, Y: 115, Z: -1934. 

11. The Andes Mountains 

Would you like to get a feeling of climbing The Andes Mountains? This is the seed that’s meant for you as it starts in a beautiful mountain range. But it is not solely revolving around a mountain range. You will see that it has got a massive Jungle biome to offer to you as well.

So there’s a great scope of adventure in this particular seed. Since the jungle is medium-sized, you will find it easier to get to your desired location. Go through the jungle or climb the mountain or do both, it’s your choice all the way.  The seed for this particular biome is 6220793025192987289! 

We have talked about 10 of the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds here. As you can see, each one of them is going to throw you into a different dimension altogether. It’s about discovering new places in Minecraft and making your gaming experience that much more entertaining. As long as you put yourself nicely, it’s going to be a fun ride in Minecraft!

Final Words

We have talked about 10 of the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds here. As you can see, each one of them is going to throw you into a different dimension altogether. It’s about discovering new places in Minecraft and making your gaming experience that much more entertaining. As long as you put yourself nicely, it’s going to be a fun ride in Minecraft! 

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