10 Best Reverse Image Search Tools

The use of images is very common on the internet. If you want to get an image for any personal or commercial reasons, it is easy to go to a search engine and search for it. Since the technology has become more advanced, you can search for the images quite comfortably.

There are times when you would want to use some images on your website. To get the job done, you will first be required to know the origin of the image. In that way, you will be in a better position to know if you can use such images for your personal or commercial work. There are all kinds of reverse image search tools to find an image’s source on the internet. 

List of Reverse Image Search Tools

Here, we will talk about 10 of such reverse image search tools that you can find on the internet. You can get duplicate images from different sources but you have to find the source of the image through Reverse Image Search to be in the safe zone. Let’s go through the list as we talk about 10 of such platforms in detail: 

1. TinEye 

The first name to feature on the list is the most reputed and popular Reverse Image Search source that you’re going to find on the internet. It helps you source images comfortably and know where their source on the web exists for real. You have got two ways to search on this platform, you can use the URL along with uploaded images.

reverse image search tools to find images

To search with a URL, it will hardly take a few seconds as you just have to copy-paste the URL and the source of the image will be in front of you. If you want to upload an image, the upload option is sitting right next to the URL option. If you want to get a faster Reverse Image Search, you should go for TinEye’s Chrome Extension. No matter which picture you find on the search engine, you just have to right-click it and there will be an option to search it on TinEye. 

2. Google Images 

When we talk about search engines, Google is the first name that comes to our mind. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Google Images is one of the most trusted Reverse Image Search tools. You just have to enter the keyword and find the results in an instant. If you want to have results that provide you with greater details, you get various other filters to make sure that you get the results that you desire.

You just have to click on the “Tools” option and you will have access to more filters. The size, colour, usage rights, type of photo are some of the options that are going to drop on your screen. You will even have the details regarding when the image was first created or uploaded. To know if the images are royalty-free or not, all these filters will have to be taken into account. 

Google offers a specific platform as a Reverse Image Search tool. When you’re talking about Reverse Image Search tools, this one has to sit on top of the pile. When you enter this platform, you will have a Camera option in the search box. You have to access it to find the desired results. When you do so, the chances of finding accurate results are going to be the highest. It is exactly like the normal search engine that you use so the user interface is going to appeal to you in an instant. 

Bing is another useful platform when we talk about Reverse Image Search tools to find an image’s source. When you look at the platform as a whole, it is quite similar to that of Google. One of the most unique features that you’re going to get on Bing Image Search is the People filter.

This is very different from other features of this or any other Reverse Image Search tool in a way that it lets you choose photos of people according to how they were autographed. If you want to get just the head & shoulder or just the face, you can search in that particular way and the search results will appear in front of you. Certainly, this kind of feature wouldn’t be available on some other application. 

4. Pinterest Visual Search Tool 

Pinterest is another popular platform that is primarily meant for image sharing. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that it makes a visual search tool available to you as well. All you have to do is come up with a Pinterest account. When you do so, you have to tap or click on any of the pins in your home feed.

There’s an icon sitting at the bottom-right corner of the image. It will make visually the same results available to you as per your search. Pinterest has this efficient Reverse Image Search tool. It has got a large database of images that has been growing further thanks to the user-created pins. 

5. Yandex 

If you don’t know about it already, you should know that it is one of the largest search engines in Russia. It has got a Reverse Image Search tool of its own. To get the results from the platform, you have to make the URL search or upload the image on Yandex. You can decide the filter search results on your own.

The amazing thing is that you don’t even have to sign up here. The platform is completely free and works smoothly. So if you want to get the necessary information regarding an image and you cannot wait before you get the results, use Yandex and it will be worth it. 

6. Image Identify 

The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project which is simply referred to as Image Identify is one of the most useful Reverse Image Search tools to find an image’s source. You have to open the webpage of Image Identify and drag and drop the image onto it.

The service will look into the matter and find the source of the picture. While the other platforms mentioned here have been around for years, it’s currently under development. As far as putting Artificial Intelligence to use is concerned, Image Identify is one of the platforms that can give you an idea about it. 

7. Karma Decay 

The next name to feature on the list is a reverse photograph search engine that is exclusive to Reddit. It’s one of the handiest reverse image search tools to find an image’s source.

If you don’t want to post the same content time and again, this platform will let you know about it. You also have the chance to limit your research to a particular subreddit. To sum it up, it is a useful tool that is meant strictly for Reddit users. 

Yahoo is one of the most popular search engines that you’re going to find on the internet. It is also a very reliable Reverse Image Search tool to find an image’s source. The filtering tools are not hidden on the platform. This makes them easy to access and allows you to get all the information regarding a particular image. So if you want to find the source of a picture, you can easily get it here on Yahoo Image Search. 

9. Picsearch 

We have mentioned enough names on this list that can provide you with accurate results regarding the images and their source. Picsearch wouldn’t be providing you specific results like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But if you want interesting photos that can match your keyword vastly, Picsearch should be preferred by you. If you want to search for the size of the images, you can get the Advanced Search option. 

10. Flickr 

The last name to feature on the list is Flickr. It is a different kind of image search engine as it will offer you pictures that have been shared by professional photographers. Some people eye for the best kind of pictures with awesome quality and unique set pieces.

Flickr is the platform that will provide such people with pictures coming from amateur photographers. These photos can be used for professional or commercial reasons as their quality will be top-notch. 


Reverse Image Search tools are going to find an essential use for the people who want to look for images for commercial use. You would know that the use of images is an important part of any given business. But if they are not going to be sure about the copyright surrounding that picture, it can lead to legal troubles in the time to come.

These Reverse Image Search tools to find an image’s source will make sure that you have a proper understanding of the copyrights of pictures on the internet. It will provide you with the authenticity of the picture apart from being able to find the source of the image. Use any of the platforms we have mentioned above and get the necessary details about such images! 

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