25 Sites Like Craigslist to Buy and Sell Used Stuff

Craigslist is a great place for advertisements. With its help, people in need can look for the right job or house while people who want to sell their commodity or property get the much-needed exposure to a bigger audience. Sites like Craigslist are like the classified version of a newspaper. The only difference is that they appear online and have got an even wider appeal.

There are various websites like Craigslist. We are going to look at 25 of them that are similar but still have their own features:- 

25 Great Sites like Craiglist – Craigslist Alternatives

websites like craigslist

1. AdlandPro 

One of the websites that you are going to find extremely valuable is AdlandPro. It is a very straightforward website which would let you know about the different sections of jobs, properties and other sorts of advertisement. The interface is simple, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to advertise your content or get useful information regarding what you would like to buy, whether online or offline. 

2. Locanto 

This is a free website to advertise your content. It can best be described as a user-to-user local community website. It means that if you want to buy or sell something in your locality, you can tell the help of this application. Posting for ads is very simple, and you can promote anything you want with just a couple of clicks. Buying a new place to live or getting a new car in your area was never this easy. 

3. Adhoards 

Adhoards has a great design that works for all kinds of age groups. As far as selling is concerned, you won’t find much competition here. There are a limited number of ads present on this website. But the thing with this website is that you cannot go through a wide variety of content. This is a limitation for a buyer but a seller as well. Most of the buyers tend to go to other platforms, which decreases your reach. 

4. Oodle 

This one is meant for the local advertisements as well. While you can search for other kinds of advertisements almost anywhere, you need to go for Oodle if you want something specifically at your place. The good thing about this website is that the information is available in detail. There are pictures available that help you understand the required goods and services better than the other methods available.

5. Ads Globe 

It is a safe website where you can surf all the information regarding things you want from a marketplace. This is a place for non-commercial advertisements as well. If some person has gone missing, it can be put out here. You can post literally any advertisement, but most people like to visit it for commercial purposes only. You would get the same car from a variety of sellers. The luxury of choices will always stay there on ads globe. 

6. Classified Ads 

Classified Ads operates in 70 different countries. A platform like this will give a wider reach to the sellers and plenty of options to the buyers. It is considered as one of the most quality alternatives to Craigslist based on its wide reach. Some people visit it to know about the new trends going on in the marketplace regarding user-to-user business transactions. The user interface of this website is second to none as well. Overall, one of the best alternatives of Craigslist.

7. Bookoo 

It is a place for used products. Some people believe in buying things for a low price, even using an already consumed product. Some other bunch of people have got things to sell off which they don’t need anymore. In both cases, Bookoo works wonders for the users. It is mostly used to sell off used books and texts. It works great in books because most book readers find it the same to hold a new or old book as long as both carry the same information. 

8. OLX 

If we talk about sites like Craigslist, OLX always comes into the picture. You can buy a pet here or get your hands on your favourite sports accessories. All the technology-friendly things are readily available for selling off as well. This one has gotten its reputation all across the globe. 

9. Classified Sector 

From a big website to a limited reach, Classified Sector is another classified ad board. The thing with such a platform is that there’s no sense of confusion here. But some of the categories do not have any ads at some points here. As a buyer, you should visit such a place only if you’re convinced of buying a commodity from a seller. You wouldn’t be getting the options here, at least not the ones you need to satisfy yourself to the fullest. 

10. 2dehands 

There are a number of European sites like Craigslist but Belgium-based 2dehands outperforms most of them. There are over 70 thousand ads posted daily here. It means that you will always have plenty of options here. Most of the sellers make available quality things to you. But the price of the commodities is going to be really high as well. The good thing is that you can buy anything here, ranging from clothes to cars. 

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11. eBay 

This is one of the sites like Craigslist that has earned its dues all across the globe. The traffic that this place drives is crazy good. While buyers trust this platform to provide genuine sellers, the selling party is very confident to get the reach it deserves. It is a win-win situation for all, which makes it so much better and popular amongst people. You can post free ads, but if you want to get that wide appeal we are talking about, it will require you to pay some money.  

12. Quoka

Quoka is another option for sites like Craigslist that allows users to post plenty of advertisements. Most of the advertisements featured here are related to automobiles. The sellers providing sports and wellness services have got plenty of things to offer as well. People like to buy electronic gadgets with the help of Quoka too. Since it is a classified market, the options will never become scarce. 

13. Facebook 

Facebook has become a place to post your advertisements as well. Most people consider it to be a platform meant to connect with people. Yes, that’s true, but there’s so much more to offer with the help of this platform. You can decide the location of the advertisement, and it would reach out to maximum people. If you keep it for a longer period, you will have to pay more money and vice versa. 

14. Mobile.de 

This is one platform that has made its name in Germany. The good thing about Mobile.de is that you will find all sorts of cars here. From the ones used traditionally to the ones that reflect today’s technology, you will get all kinds of cars here. It will be available at different price levels from several sellers. It is dedicated strictly to automobiles. 

15. Leboncoin 

This platform belongs to France, and it has been working wonders ever since 2006. It has become prevalent in that country. The reason is that it provides several options within a limited area. Suppose if you want to look for something in your locality like land, building, car or job, you can easily find it with the help of Leboncoin. 

16. Gazelle 

It is one of the best sites like Craigslist as far as technology is concerned. As you would know, technology becomes obsolete on a rapid basis. The laptop that you bought four years ago might be tough to handle for you today. So you can go to this platform and sell such commodities off. Gazelle will first check on the item, and if they find it worth it, they will pay you money for the same. If they don’t, the item will be shipped back to you. 

17. Geebo 

This one is a renowned platform as well. It is meant for the people of the United States Of America. Most of the advertisements featuring here are related to employment. This is why it has such huge traffic which tends to stay there all year long. People posting for employment opportunities get people at work quickly, and those who looking for employment can also u. It is useful for both parties on almost the same level.  

18. Global Free Classified Ads 

As the name would tell you on its own, this platform is supposed to exist across the globe, and it is also completely free. The good thing about this website is that you will find the content that you want for sure. The downside is that you will find it hard to go through the user interface of this platform since it is pretty bland. With so many things going on here, it might end up confusing you as well. 

19. Gumtree 

This one is meant strictly for the United Kingdom. As a seller, you will find it useful in many ways. It is since the procedure to put out your ads is pretty simple. You will be able to do it as soon as the thought of putting an ad comes to your mind. You would have wanted it to get a worldwide reach, but if you belong to the UK, you should definitely try this application. 

20. Finder Master 

If you need a general-purpose website to go through the advertisements, Finder Master will suit you perfectly. You need to select your location, and everything in your locality will show up here. All kinds of advertisements would be made available. So what’s your ask? Do you want a car? Or do you want an entire land or building? Do not worry since Finder Master will carry all sorts of advertisements.

21. Recycler 

When it comes to US-based sites like Craigslist, Recycler is pretty high up in the list of the best alternatives. It will run through all kinds of advertisements going within this country. The catalogue is pretty impressive as some of the best-sellers will be made available with their services. Its restrictive reach is definitely a problem for the people belonging to some other country. 

22. Sheepbuy 

If you want to find some quality products, you will be able to get them through Sheepbuy. Most of the people on other platforms are looking to sell off items that are not quality anymore, at least not at their hundred per cent best. Sheepbuy would be one such platform where you get advertisements regarding buying cars, buildings, furniture etc., and the quality wouldn’t be compromised. 

23. Swappa 

It is considered to be a safe platform for both buyers and sellers. The users are verified before they get to use this platform. It is one way of staying away from fraudulent activities which have become very rapid since the introduction of E-commerce. As far as products are concerned, technology-friendly ones would be the most popular here. 

24. Varagesale

Sites like Craigslist that are meant for the younger generation of society or those who like to stay connected with the latest fashion are inevitable to perform. Varagesale is exactly that. You can get items at a cheaper rate here. People who look towards wearing branded clothes with budget problems visiting this place often. It also includes other kinds of advertisements such as jobs, buildings, etc. 

25. Kijiji 

This platform started on being a minimal website. With time, it has grown into a top-rated platform to share advertisements. From real estate to jobs and services, Kijiji has made it possible to provide advertisements regarding all kinds of things. The design of this website was cluttered in the past. There’s no doubt that developers have worked hard to make it reach greater heights. 

When it comes to sites like Craigslist, these 25 are the best ones. They can differ based on the regions they cater to, but all are pretty useful depending upon their scope in terms of the variety of advertisements! 

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