Top 12 Sites Like Groupon for The Best Deals

In this post, we will talk about the top 12 Sites like Groupon for getting the best deals. With over 120 million subscribers, Groupon currently stands as the leading body in its niche. If you are on the hunt for daily deals on popular E-Commerce websites, Groupon is the go-to website to find them on. The website covers a variety of categories such as home appliances, health, beauty, food items, etc.

Adding to that, they also provide deals on travel bookings, hotels, and other similar services. There is no arguing that Groupon is a great tool to have in your locker. But all that information on the website can get a little overwhelming at times. Moreover, due to its extremely high user base, you might likely miss a deal or two. To make sure that you don’t you should consider these 12 sites like Groupon:

12 Sites like Groupon

1. Coupon X

Coupon X is one of the best Groupon alternatives at the moment. It provides deals across various niches including fitness, travel, home appliances, etc.

best groupon alternative coupon x

What we liked the most about Coupon X is that the deals on the website are constantly verified before they are shown to the user base. How annoying does it feel when you click on a deal only to find out that it has expired? Well, you won’t face this problem on this website.

Other than providing great deals themselves, the brand also gives its users an option to add coupon codes and deals to their website. However, these only show up once they have been confirmed to be working by the site executives themselves. 

2. Shop Pirate

If you are looking for a daily deals partner in crime that is completely authentic, look no further than Shop Pirate. It is a digital marketplace that provides coupon codes and sale offers that are updated daily on the website. In terms of sites like Groupon, Shop Pirate is a great option.

shop pirate coupons deals

Since they are partnered with various brands, you can expect them to list down various exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, you can also subscribe to a particular brand within the website to receive offer updates every time there is one. This way, you can save both time and money. 

3. Living Social

If Groupon is on top of the list, Living Social is the runner-up. It is very similar to Groupon as it covers deals all across the world. This goes a long way since users from a variety of locations can use their service. To do so, the website asks you to provide your location upon which the deals are filtered out for you.

living social discounts and deals

WIth Living Social, you get deals for various products such as fitness, fashion, home appliances, events, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for your daily deals, you can consider this platform. 

4. Woot 

Trust goes a long way when it comes to daily deals websites. No one wants a website that is full of spam and does not provide authentic and unexpired deals. If you use Woot, you shouldn’t worry about any of those issues. It is one of the oldest daily deals providers out there.

When it comes to websites like Groupon, Woot is one of the most reliable out-there since they are also owned by Amazon. Now, although they do not cover as many niches as Groupon, their authenticity makes them all the more worth it.

woot amazon coupon codes

Since the company has been around for a good while now, they provide exclusive deals that are only available on their website. Additionally, if you are a member of their website, you can even make use of extra benefits such as “deal of the day”. 

5. OurDeal

Not many daily deals websites can provide deals for multiple locations. However, there is always a diamond in the rough such as OurDeal for consumers to enjoy.

our deal daily coupon codes

The website makes you set your location at the time of entering. Once you do that, it then filters deals according to where you are. As for the categories, this website specializes in gift cards for offline stores, however, you will find many electronically claimable coupon codes on it as well. 

6. Cudo

If lifestyle is the category you are looking for deals on, Cudo might just be the website for you. It is a daily deals website specially dedicated to outdoor activities, dining, wellness, events, etc.

cudo events deals

What makes this website a great choice is the fact that it updates every single morning for fresh deals. Therefore, you can expect only to see deals that are active and genuine. Cudo is also very user-friendly since they let you know the exact location of the deal for you to claim them accordingly. The user interface of the website is also quite commendable. 

7. Daily Steals

We are all hunting for deals on consumer tech items across all popular E-Commerce platforms every day. Well, now you don’t have to scour the internet throughout your day thanks to Daily Steals.

sites like groupon

The website is dedicated to finding out the best deals on mobile phones, clothing, home appliances, etc. Now. it is worth noting that not all deals posted on the website might be claimable since all the hoarders make sure to get them before the rest. However, you can expect most deals to be active. Simply put, if you are looking for sites like Groupon, Daily Steals is a great choice.


When you see a premium domain name such as Savings, you already expect your experience to be worthwhile. Thankfully, the website makes sure that it is for all its users.

savings daily coupons 2021

It caters to people across the world as you can set your location to anywhere in the world and filter out deals in your locality. Moreover, it also covers a multitude of categories including travel, health, events, home appliances, tech products, etc. Being a big brand, you can expect their website to have exclusive deals from major companies such as Apple and Microsoft. 

9. DealNews

Finding deals on the internet gets quite tough due to the sheer amount of firms that start their business online daily. With DailyNews, you can expect to be updated with most of them.

Deal news daily deals

Their team specializes in finding the best deals online, verify them, and then post them on the website. Due to that, you can expect authentic deals and the best on the market. If you are looking for specific deals on sites like Groupon, the website also lets you filter them through categories and brands.

Furthermore, you also get to search on the website for deals and if the keyword fits an active deal, it will show up on your screen.

10. Brad’s Deals

Though a relatively new daily deals website, Brad’s Deals helped saved over $100 million to its users last year. As insane as that number sounds, it won’t surprise you when you find out how many great deals the platform comes up with daily.

Brad's deals patio furniture

If you choose them, you get to enjoy digital coupon codes, gift cards, exclusive discounts, printable coupon codes among many other things. The best part about Brad’s Deals is that it has an app for both Android and iOS which can be quite useful as you get to set notifications for daily deals.

11. FatWallet

Unlike other websites like Groupon on the list, FatWallet does not specialize in deals. Its primary use is to compare products that are live on other E-Commerce platforms.

However, considering how immersive their comparison tool is, you can use it to find the best deals possible for the products you are looking for.

fatwallet alternatives 2021

If you are not looking for a specific product, you can even consider signing up for FatWallet’s forum that is filled with users posting daily deals. 

12. Yipit 

Yipit is a great choice if you are looking for sites like Groupon. Just like Groupon, it covers a variety of niches for its users.

Yipit best deals today

It also lets you filter with location making sure that you only see deals that are close to you. But since their website is filled with a plethora of deals, the user experience can get a little overwhelming. To solve this, Yipit lets its users sign up for a free subscription that allows them to follow deals from a specific category. 


Even today, Groupon remains to be the most popular choice for finding daily deals online. However, if you want to find the best deals, you can’t only have one website in your arsenal. Instead, you should be subscribing to as many platforms as you can since a lot of these websites come up with exclusive deals that other sites like Groupon don’t have.

Additionally, it is also easy to keep track of all the deals on these websites since most of them come with a subscription scheme. If you are also looking to upgrade your daily deals locker, you can go for any of the 12 best Groupon alternatives from our list. 

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