13 Best Windows Apps Like AirDroid

Here, we will get to know about various Windows apps like AirDroid. AirDroid is a mobile device management app that lets you remotely access and manage your Android device from a web browser.

Users can also transfer files and manage SMS, email, WhatsApp messages and contacts from their computer using AirDroid. In a nutshell, AirDroid gives you all the capabilities you would get if you connected your phone to your PC with a USB cable, plus many more additional features. 

Windows Apps Like AirDroid – List

Without any shadow of a doubt, AirDroid is one of the most popular and most used Android apps. However, the app has been criticised by users due to it featuring bloatware and also due to some security issues. But, that does not mean you cannot remotely control your Android device.  If you are looking for an AirDroid alternative, you will be pleased to know that there are several Windows Apps like AirDroid.

1. Pushbullet

Pushbullet tops our list of Windows Apps like AirDroid. We can all agree that typing on a keyboard is much quicker and more convenient than typing on the phone. Pushbullet allows you to send and receive messages from your computer. It also allows you to access your WhatsApp messages, phone calls and more.

Gone are the days when one had to email an important link to their alternate email address to access it from their computer. Pushbullet lets you share links between any of your devices in an instant. It also makes sharing files and chatting with friends much more convenient.

2. Snapdrop

Snapdrop allows users to share files across various platforms without creating an account or scanning a QR code. It is an open-source progressive web app that needs a common WiFi access point between your PC and Android device for them to be able to share files.

best apps like airdroid

Snapdrop is extremely fast and allows users to share multiple files at once without the interruption of annoying ads or pop-ups. Moreover, all file transfers are encrypted using the TLS protocol, so security is never an issue with Snapdrop. If you’re looking for Windows apps like AirDroid for file transfers, then Snapdrop is the best choice. 

3. ShareMe (MiDrop)

ShareMe has been quite popular for letting Android users share files between their devices at lightning-fast speeds. But, did you know? ShareMe allows you to share files between computers and smartphones too. You must create a local FTP URL on your Android device, and you can access all your files on a web browser.

The best part about ShareMe? No annoying ads! Even though many apps on the Play Store allow local file sharing, most of them are littered with unpleasant ads that make the experience unbearable. 

4. Your Phone Companion

The main idea behind Your Phone Companion is to synchronise the functions and data between your smartphone and PC. Make and take calls on your computer, respond to incoming text messages and much more. The app also lets you sync photos and transfer them to your computer more quickly and conveniently than Google Photos and One Drive.

In short, Your Phone Companion is a Windows app like AirDroid that lets users receive notifications, send messages, access photos and even receive calls on their PC. Moreover, you can mirror the screen on your computer and edit your documents from where you left off if you own a flagship Samsung smartphone. 

5. AirMore

The next app on our list of Windows apps like AirDroid is AirMore. As you can guess from its name, the app is quite similar to AirDrop’s functionality. You can use AirMore to transfer files between your Android smartphone and your PC.

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Moreover, you can play media and sync your contacts and messages. The “Reflector” feature of AirMore allows you to mirror your Android device’s interface to a computer. For iOS users who have always wanted an app like AirDroid for iOS, AirMore is a perfect choice.

6. Scrcpy

Scrcpy is another Windows app like AirDroid that is popular for screen-mirroring. Some features generally available in the premium version of some apps are available on Scrcpy for free. One of those features lets you control your Android device from your desktop with virtually no lag. Moreover, you can send files, push audio and record your screen without any ads. The app is open-source and does not require any root access.

Scrcpy is known for its low latency and low startup time. It allows copy-paste between your devices and lets you use your Android device as a webcam. Its other popular features include a physical keyboard and mouse simulation. If you are looking for a free alternative to AirDroid, Scrcpy is one of the best options available.

7. Vysor

Vysor lets you mirror your Android device’s screen to a computer. If you’re familiar with the AirMirror feature on AirDroid, then you might Vysor pretty similar to it. Vysor makes it easy for developers to their applications on their Android devices. Moreover, it allows gamers who find it difficult to play games on small mobile screens to take full advantage of the large display of desktops and enjoy their favourite games. 

In short, Vysor can be used to use apps, play games, share presentations and enjoy the experience of the Android OS with the help of a mouse and keyboard. It is easy to install and eliminates the graphics lag issue on some similar apps. The app has a free as well as paid version. With the paid version, you get access to a lot of premium features like drag & drop files, wireless mode, full screen and better quality mirror.

8. Join

Join is another app that lets you remotely access your devices. It allows you to share links, files and locations to multiple devices. Moreover, it also has screenshot mirroring and universal copy/paste features. Join lets you send messages from any browser and sync notifications across multiple devices. The app has an initial 30-day trial period, after which you can unlock it with a one-time payment. Even though the interface might not seem as elegant when compared to other apps like Pushbullet, Join is one of the most reliable alternatives to AirDroid.

9. Xender

Xender is another Windows app like AirDroid that lets you transfer files from your computer to your smartphone. You can drag and drop files from your PC to your smartphone. The main attraction of Xender is that it is free, lets you transfer as many files as you want without any restrictions on their size, and offers great file-sharing speed without using your bandwidth. 

10. ApowerMirror

If you’re looking for Windows apps that allow you to cast your Android phone to a PC, then ApowerMirror is one of the best options available. The app lets you remotely control your Android device from your PC using a mouse and keyboard.

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ApowerMiror does not require any root or ADB command for screen mirroring and is highly reliable. The app has been developed by the same company that developed AirMore and is dedicated specifically to screen mirroring.

11. KDE Connect

KDE Connect aims to simplify communication between all your devices. The app implements a secure communication protocol and lets developers create plugins on top of it. KDE Connect allows you to use your desktop as a remote control and receive your phone notifications on your PC.

12. MyPhoneExplorer

MyPhoneExplorer lets users connect to a phone using a USB cable or Bluetooth. It allows the synchronisation of address book entries and calendars between the phone and the computer. Moreover, you can also manage your calls from within the application.

13. Link To Windows

The final entry on our list is Link To WIndows. Link To Windows makes it easy to view and reply to texts and make and receive calls from your PC. It lets you drag and drop images, send links and type with a keyboard. 

Final Words on Windows Apps like Airdroid

AirDroid is a fabulous app for remote access, file sharing and synchronising data between your phone and your computer. However, recent security concerns have led users to look for other Windows apps like AirDroid.

In this article, we compiled a list of some of the top alternatives to AirDroid. Try them out and let us know which one worked the best for you. If you know of any other Windows Apps like AirDroid that have not been mentioned on the list, tell us in the comments below!

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